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The Think tank journal host online debate on Biden administration


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The think tank journal host online debate with question, Will the Biden administration be able to restore the confidence of Europeans?

Prominent Participant from Europe and rest of the world share their views in this regard.In replying on debate of think tank journal, German journalist Johanna Steinbrecher, who works at Axel Springer said that Well, we don’t even know that Biden can fix anything really.

The Americans should work on their own country first. We think the American political system is kaput (broken).

Think tank survey: One-third of Europeans do not trust Americans

Most Europeans are happy about Joe Biden’s win, but we think he is kind of weak and do not think he can help America make a comeback as the “Leaders of the Free World”.

Distrust happened way before Trump. I know for a fact in Germany we were very annoyed and began to distrust the Americans way back in 2013 when Obama was your president. We found out your CIA was spying on top German officials including Angela Merkel.

Global surveillance disclosures (2013–present)

Plus we witnessed how the Americans acted when there was Russian collusion with your elections. We basically laughed at how upset the Americans were. Your own CIA had interfered with at least 85 other countries elections including Germany and Russia since the end of WW II. That doesn’t count all the CIA lead coups like the failed one in Syria that created a civil war, resulting in a mass exit of millions of refugees that came to my country.

US Interfered in Elections of at Least 85 Countries Worldwide Since 1945

Is the Covert CIA Program to Arm Syrian Rebels Still Secret?

Hey, we are not alone when it comes to distrusting the U.S. Government. The Americans themselves (35%) share our same thoughts.

Key findings about Americans’ declining trust in government


Hungarian Tamás Koncsos, Msc from Budapest University participate in the debate and said that As a European in short: not likely. Since the Bush administration the relations got formal. Europe has also lost its geopolitical importance since the fall of the iron curtain. The US will most likely regulate China, we will be in a secondary role.


I also tell you my feelings, which might be wrong. The Biden administration reminds me of an old circus parade when they show the crooked man a dog disguised as a lion to satisfy the public. For instance the democrat’s didn’t run a presidency campaign with Kamala Harris, but they appointed her as vice president (in my opinion) only to satisfy black voters and to fulfill some feminist rainbow quota.

Now if Biden dies, which is not an unrealistic scenario, considering his age, they can put her in the shop window as the first female and black president. Is she going to be a good president? It’s likely, but a purely a hypocrisy if these intentions were real.

We get more suspicious about it, when out of nowhere, the first transgender national prominence appeared in the administration.

Maybe it was all professional selection in a hippie dream and no intentions were present about collecting LMBTQ support without real care of the case. And we can go on.

The question remains how much reputation an administration gets, when it needs an army of 25000 man to inaugurate a president. I hope I’m all wrong and this is just an illusion. I wish the best for the new government anyway.

Moscow parade is a test for European leaders, think tank

Ben Reynolds, BSc (honos) from University of Nottingham said that we haven’t lost our confidence – so the Binman won’t make any difference. We just don’t trust America, and Twumpy wumpy made that worse.

UK defence policy ‘has been failing for 20 years” : EU Think Tank

Kevin Geisler said that the fact that there were fireworks throughout Europe when the press called the election for Biden is a good indication.

Europeans have suffered for four years as ex-President “Hewhowedonotname” blamed our allies for everything and gave our traditional enemies everything they asked for.

A Educationalist based in UK Bob Hunter said that It will be a very difficult task! Trust once lost is very difficult to regain. Trump lost that trust over four years of stupid behaviour supported by the vast majority of Americans.

It will take a lot longer than four years and many more than one man to regain that lost ground. Biden has to repair his own country before he can seriously tackle overseas relationships.

European Debater George Géal-Killy also said that No. Because the Europeans not only don’t trust the American administration but they also don’t trust the American society now. That’s way more problematic. Until the Americans as a whole don’t put their act together, the US will be seen as an unstable ticking bomb nobody can trust.

MakeUp in New York 2015 unveils a series of hot innovations

Spanish Johan Olofsson said that The Biden administration can do no such thing. If confidence is to return, then the US society has to heal first. And that will take considerable time. Much, much more than two, four or eight years.

More and more Europeans have come to see the American political system as fundamentally broken. This is nothing new.

From the peak of prestige that the United States enjoyed for about a century after the Civil War, the appreciation of the United States has declined under the influence of McCarthyism, the Kennedy assassination, the Vietnam War, the murder of Martin Luther King, Watergate, Clinton impeachment, post-Iraq Middle East chaos and not the least the societal cracks that ultimately lead to the election of Trump and the assault on the Capitol.

More initiated Europeans have reacted against American attempts to manipulate the European Union (and blatant espionage on allies).

The usefulness of NATO is also, obviously, seen very differently. It’s well understood that the united States of the 21st century have self-evident reasons to focus on the Pacific instead of the Atlantic.

The confidence democratic Europeans once harbored for the United States is now instead to find among Putin-supporters and anti-democrats around Europe. Which admittedly is somewhat ironic.

Read Full Debate here

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