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Child abuse sharply increased in Pakistan during pandemic, think tank


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An Islamabad based think tank Sahal have prepared a report on the reported content in about 84 national and regional newspapers and websites.

According to recently released report, about 2960 crime cases reported in Pakistan during pandemic year 2020, it is increased up to 5% from 2019 in the early of the pandemic.

The report highlight that Punjab province is on the top of crime against kids with 58% reported cases; Sindh at second place with 29% cases, KPK is third with 3% case.

Report named ‘Cruel numbers 2020’  indicated that 8 to 9 kids every day face abusive behaviors by elders in Pakistan and interestingly girls are more victim with 51% and boys are at 49 % during 2020.

This data classify the reported crime with 985 cases of sodomy, 787 rape, 169 child sexual abuse and cases of others crimes is 1298 in the same duration.

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According to available data, cases of pornography sharply increased from 70 in 2019 to 89 in 2020, because of more use of internet during lockdown and schools are mostly closed in 2020, same as kids abduction are increased with 91% as compared to 2019 and 2018.

Report unveiled the fact that mostly kids are face abuses by their family, friends and relatives like teachers, shopkeepers, drivers and coaches.

Report recommended the present government to take urgent and serious steps to tackle all of these issues, which is growing sharply. It is alarming that these cases make a very strong impact on kids mind, which is never recover even after many many years in life.

Wasim Qadri
Wasim Qadri
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