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Think Tanks Address Finance Hurdles at Bonn Climate Talks


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The recent Bonn climate talks concluded with both disappointment and hope, as negotiators grappled with finance-related hurdles for climate mitigation and adaptation efforts. Against the backdrop of geopolitics and ongoing global tensions, the talks failed to deliver the anticipated push by progressive countries. However, the global stocktake, a key component of the 2015 Paris Agreement, offers a critical opportunity to assess progress, accelerate climate action, and chart a better course for the future.

In this article, we delve into the outcomes of the Bonn conference and the significance of the upcoming global stocktake in shaping climate ambitions and ensuring a livable future.


The Bonn Climate Talks: A Mixed Outcome:

Despite extensive technical work conducted during the Bonn conference, questions surrounding responsibility for greenhouse gas emissions and the financing of climate efforts persisted.

Climate negotiators expressed disappointment at the slow progress, citing the need for urgent action and international cooperation to combat climate change effectively.


The Global Stocktake: Assessing Progress and Accelerating Action:

The global stocktake, a unique feature of the Paris Agreement, serves as an ambition, accountability, and acceleration exercise. This periodic assessment allows countries to evaluate their progress in reducing emissions, adapting to climate impacts, and securing necessary funds.

With a focus on energy transition, food systems, transport, and sustainable consumption, the stocktake will play a crucial role in shaping countries’ updates to their nationally determined contributions (NDCs) by 2025.


Charting a Better Course Forward:

Experts emphasize that the global stocktake is not merely an inventory or assessment; it offers an opportunity to chart a more ambitious and effective path for climate action.

By examining data and providing guidance, the stocktake will highlight areas where improvements are needed to align with the Paris Agreement’s goals. Its outcomes will inform policies and strategies to drive transformative change.


The Significance of the Decisive Decade:

As the world faces mounting climate challenges, the global stocktake serves as an inflection point for climate action. Helen Mountford, President and CEO of the ClimateWorks Foundation, underscores its criticality in securing a livable future.

With scientists providing insights on the necessary steps, world leaders must provide the political direction needed to address the climate crisis effectively.



The Bonn climate talks highlighted the challenges and complexities surrounding finance for climate mitigation and adaptation efforts. However, the upcoming global stocktake holds immense promise in accelerating climate action and guiding nations toward a more sustainable future.

By focusing on key sectors and informing the next round of nationally determined contributions, the stocktake presents an opportunity to drive transformative change.

As world leaders gather for COP28, the decisive decade calls for bold political commitments and collaborative efforts to address the urgency of the climate crisis and secure a livable planet for future generations.

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