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Think Tank Report: 1,500 Lives Lost Since US Troop Withdrawal


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In recent years, Pakistan and the United States have made significant strides in enhancing their cooperation, particularly in the areas of security and economics.

Ambassador Masood Khan, Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States, emphasized the enduring nature of this partnership during a speech at the Global Santa Fe think tank in New Mexico. Despite changes in the geopolitical landscape, both nations have committed to tackling shared challenges, including terrorism and economic development. In this article, we delve into the key points made by Ambassador Khan and explore the multifaceted relationship between Pakistan and the US.


Continued Cooperation in Security

Ambassador Khan acknowledged that while the US had withdrawn its troops from Afghanistan, the threat of terrorism remains a potent force in the region. Pakistan has been significantly affected by this menace, with more than 1500 lives lost since the US troop withdrawal. However, both nations remain resolute in their commitment to combating terrorism through cooperation in counter-terrorism efforts.


Shared Responsibility in Afghanistan

Both Pakistan and the United States recognize the critical importance of stabilizing Afghanistan. Ambassador Khan emphasized that the stability of the entire region hinges on Afghanistan’s stabilization. This shared responsibility underscores their commitment to working together in finding solutions to the complex challenges facing Afghanistan.


People-to-People Contacts

Ambassador Khan stressed the need to foster people-to-people contacts as a vital component of the bilateral relationship. Building bridges between the citizens of both nations promotes cultural exchange and strengthens mutual understanding. Such interactions pave the way for deeper and more sustainable diplomatic ties.


Economic Growth and Trade

Looking to the future, Ambassador Khan highlighted the significance of strengthening economic, trade, and investment ties between Pakistan and the United States. The economic sphere is seen as a pivotal area of collaboration, with the potential to drive both nations’ prosperity. The Ambassador invited entrepreneurs and the business community to explore investment opportunities in various sectors within Pakistan, including startups, science, engineering, technology, extractive industries, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals.


Leveraging Pakistan’s Strategic Location

Pakistan’s strategic location makes it an attractive destination for investments. Its proximity to emerging markets in the region positions it as a gateway for businesses seeking to tap into the vast potential of South Asia and the surrounding region. Investing in Pakistan can provide access to a large and dynamic consumer market.



Ambassador Masood Khan’s speech at the Global Santa Fe think tank highlights the dynamic and evolving partnership between Pakistan and the United States. The commitment to addressing security challenges and fostering economic growth demonstrates a shared vision for the future. As both nations continue to collaborate on various fronts, including counter-terrorism efforts and economic development, the prospects for a stronger and more prosperous relationship between Pakistan and the United States appear promising. By leveraging their strengths and addressing shared responsibilities, these two nations are poised to make positive contributions to regional stability and global prosperity.

Abu Bakr Alvi
Abu Bakr Alvi
Mr. Abu Bakr Alvi, Senior Journalist Based in Faisalabad

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