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Gaza Wars Drive Global Internal Displacement to New Heights


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In 2023, the Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC) reported a distressing milestone: a record 75.9 million individuals were internally displaced worldwide. This surge was primarily attributed to conflict and violence, with millions forced to flee their homes due to ongoing wars and regional instability.

Rising Global Displacement:

Conflict and Violence: The IDMC’s report revealed that out of the total displaced population, 7.7 million individuals were uprooted by natural disasters, while a staggering 68.3 million were displaced by conflicts and violence.

Escalating Figures: The 75.9 million internally displaced persons (IDPs) recorded in 2023 marked a significant increase from the previous year’s count of 71.1 million. This upward trend reflects the worsening humanitarian crisis fueled by ongoing conflicts and geopolitical tensions.

Hotspots of Displacement:

Sudan’s Crisis: Sudan emerged as a focal point of internal displacement, with an unprecedented 9.1 million individuals displaced—the highest figure recorded for a single country. Persistent conflicts and regional instability have exacerbated the situation, leaving millions displaced and vulnerable.

Gaza’s Plight: The Gaza Strip witnessed a surge in internal displacement, with 1.7 million Palestinians displaced by the end of 2023. The escalation in conflict between Israel and Hamas led to widespread displacement, underscoring the humanitarian toll of ongoing hostilities.

Addressing the Humanitarian Crisis:

Challenges of Displacement: Displacement often leads to prolonged humanitarian crises, as infrastructure damage and institutional disruptions impede recovery efforts. The IDMC highlighted the urgent need for enhanced protection and assistance for displaced populations worldwide.

Syria’s Struggle: Despite a reduction in violence, Syria continued to grapple with significant internal displacement, with 7.2 million individuals displaced in 2023. This figure remains near the peak levels observed in 2014, highlighting the enduring impact of protracted conflicts.

Call for Action:

Enhanced International Response: The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), overseeing the IDMC, called for urgent action to address the root causes of displacement and bolster humanitarian assistance efforts. Concerted global efforts are needed to mitigate the impact of internal displacement and support affected populations.

Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding: The NRC emphasized the importance of conflict prevention and peacebuilding initiatives to address the underlying drivers of displacement. Sustainable peace and stability are essential for reducing internal displacement and fostering long-term resilience in affected regions.

Causes of conflict:

The record numbers of internal displacement underscore the urgent need for coordinated international action to address the root causes of conflict and displacement. By prioritizing conflict prevention, peacebuilding, and humanitarian assistance, the global community can work towards mitigating the impact of internal displacement and supporting affected populations worldwide.

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