Thursday, December 1, 2022



COVID crisis increased gap between ethnic groups in UK, think tank

A London based think tank Resolution Foundation (RF) believed that growing crisis of pandemic, sharply increased gaps between social groups in life of United...

Can Vaccinated-people spread corona-virus?

The US based Corona-virus prevention consortium organized a research study to find out that how Vaccinated-people spread deadly corona-virus among others in their daily...

Depression make more vulnerable of the COVID patients, think tank research

The recent research published by the Lancet Psychiatry journal, finds the eight common problems in majority COVID patients in US, like mood disorders, anxiety...

Think tanks do have an influence on public policy and shape new ideas

This gap between the theoretically possible and the politically palatable is where the think-tanks dwell: mysterious organizations, made up of intelligent people who carry...

think tank calls for inquiry into workplace response

A think tank has said the government’s “light-touch” approach to regulating workplaces during the pandemic has led to a failure of the Health and...

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced the new leader of Earth think tank

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos named the head of a top environmental think tank as the CEO of his $10 billion Earth Fund. Amazon CEO Jeff...

Concerns of Taiwanese think tank on China’s vaccine diplomacy

Taipei base think tank believed that China's "vaccine diplomacy, which has become central to its foreign policy in 2021. "China, as one of the few...


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