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COVID crisis increased gap between ethnic groups in UK, think tank

A London based think tank Resolution Foundation (RF) believed that growing crisis of pandemic, sharply increased gaps between social groups in life of United...

Depression make more vulnerable of the COVID patients, think tank research

The recent research published by the Lancet Psychiatry journal, finds the eight common problems in majority COVID patients in US, like mood disorders, anxiety...

China trying to control birth rate in Uighur Muslim community – think tank

According to the China Statistical Yearbook 2020, compiled by the National Bureau of Statistics, the birthrate in Xinjiang last year was only 8.14 births...

Global Times reports : American think tank to discredit China

The Washington DC-based think tank Newlines Institute for Strategy and Policy (NISP) which recently released its fake report on Xinjiang to smear China is...

35 percent citizens rejected the Britain’s electric vehicle plans, think tank

35 supporters who are reluctant to pay for charging points, according to research conducted by think tank Social Market Foundation, SMF conducted a survey on...

British think tank has warned the London to Prepare for the worst

Mr Blair's Institute for Global Change analysed the best policy approach the UK Government should take to tackle the corona-virus pandemic and future viral...

US think tank downgraded India from ‘Free’ to Partially Free’ in the annual report

Published this week, the latest survey marks the 4th consecutive year of democratic backsliding in India. According to the report, India, under Prime Minister Narendra...


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