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Dear Reader !

Coherence is such a basic need of any country or nation, without that, peace can’t be expended, and one can’t even imagine, social economic, and political stability without peace particularly in a country like Pakistan, where people till today are not together like a nation, in spite, they are apparently divisible according to complexion ,race, creed, sects and language.

So, deeply divisible people can easily be provoked to the extreme limits to destroy peace and coherence of the country. It is quite alarming that, this dilemma has not been paid the required importance, and the little importance given to the dilemma appeared as can act of minority protection rather than a morphological mark of national coherence and harmony.

As a result, the intensity by which national coherence was propagated; with many fold more intensity it was opposed quietly but effectively. Consequently, no such passion could flourish rather such an enthusiasm could not be provided even with foundations.

Today the most required thing is that such an ideology must be adopted as a basic of our national perceptions, so that it may become as a dogmatic belief. It would be a fatal mistake to not develop a strategy for this destination rather than calling it enthusiastic patriotism.

Any coherence can be developed only on the basis of such an ideology on the basis of which a justified distribution should be visible and it should be acceptable to everybody. The foundation of such a practical idea can be laid down only by scholars, familiar with religion and civilization.

Yes! This basic perception provides the basis for our news and analysis journal, and the only policy of our organization is to promote national coherence in the country. We embark an endeavor to provide a platform, where, there, they can read the views of their policy makers and Think-tanks.



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