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Dissatisfied Canadian Youth Urge Inclusive Sexual Education


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A recent report by LetsStopAIDS, a youth-driven Canadian charity focused on raising HIV awareness, has shed light on the dismal state of sexual education in the country.

The report, titled the Sex Lives Report 2023, reveals that young Canadians are dissatisfied with the quality of sexual education they receive in schools. This dissatisfaction is leading to feelings of unpreparedness, awkwardness, and even fear when it comes to engaging in sexual relationships. In this article, we will delve into the key findings of the report and explore the implications of Canada’s failing sexual education system.


The Survey Insights


The Sex Lives Report 2023 is based on data collected from a survey of 1,090 Canadians aged 18 to 24, providing valuable insights into the state of sexual education in Canada. According to Gabrial Brown, a research analyst at LetsStopAIDS, the findings are clear: the conventional methods of addressing sexuality in schools are outdated and ill-suited to an era that values equality, diversity, and respect.


Key Findings:


Lack of Practical Knowledge: The report highlights that while sexual education imparts an abundance of scientific information, it severely lacks practical knowledge or skills. Students graduate with unanswered questions, often feeling unprepared to navigate sexual relationships.


Abstinence-Focused Education: The survey reveals that sexual education is stigmatized and often abstinence-focused, likely due to teachers’ discomfort with the subject. This approach leaves students feeling ill-equipped to make informed decisions about their sexual health.


Heteronormative Curriculum: Young Canadians also expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that their sexual education primarily adheres to a heteronormative perspective. Crucial topics such as gender identity and sexual orientation are inadequately covered.


Decline in Condom Use: The report notes a decline in condom use among young people, even as sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are on the rise. Fewer young individuals are getting tested for STIs, indicating a lack of awareness about the importance of regular testing.


Information Sources: With a lack of satisfaction from classroom education, young Canadians are turning to alternative sources. Six in 10 respondents cited the internet as their primary source of sexual information, followed by advice from friends and family doctors.


LGBTQ+ Barriers


For LGBTQ+ youth, additional barriers exist when seeking sexual education. According to Finn St Dennis, research and evaluation manager for the Queer and Trans Health Collective in Edmonton, some LGBTQ+ youth face doctors who are not adequately informed about new advances in HIV prevention and STI treatment. Discriminatory experiences like being told that “lesbians don’t get STIs” deter LGBTQ+ youth from seeking healthcare.


The Impact of the Stigma Debate


The report points to the recent national debate over gender identity and sexual orientation policies in provinces like New Brunswick and Saskatchewan as factors contributing to the stigma around sexual education. These policies have garnered controversy and contributed to the existing disparities in sexual education.


The Call for Change


The LetsStopAIDS report advocates for a comprehensive and positive approach to sexual education, emphasizing inclusivity, diversity, and up-to-date information. The goal is to engage with the government to reform and improve the sexual education curriculum.




The state of sexual education in Canada is in crisis, as young Canadians leave classrooms feeling ill-prepared and anxious about their sexual relationships. The LetsStopAIDS Sex Lives Report 2023 highlights the urgent need for comprehensive sexual education that addresses the evolving landscape of relationships, gender identities, and sexual orientations. Without immediate action, young Canadians may continue to face rising STI rates and knowledge gaps, making reforming sexual education a crucial and pressing matter in Canada.

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