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Since it was established in 2009, the think tank journal (TTJ) has been a leading news resource about the think tanks and policy makers of the research organizations in the world.

The Think tank Journal, is to provide a platform, where, Readers can read the views of policy makers and latest reports of Think tanks from around the Globe.

Think Tank Journal Print as well as online since 2009, Under the Declaration from the ICT, Adminstration, Government of Pakistan.

THE THINK TANK JOURNAL published from Islamabad, Under the Declaration, Section 6 of the Press, Newspapers, News Agencies and Book Registration (Amendment) Ordinance, 2007.

THE THINK TANK JOURNAL is also registered with the Ministry of Information Broadcasting and Heritage of Government of Pakistan.

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THINK TANK PUBLICATIONS is the only Publisher of the News and Analysis Journal (THE THINK TANK JOURNAL )from Islamabad.

SportsWire and think tank Productions are also the part of the compeny.

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