Correction policy

Corrections policy:

THE THINK TANK JOURNAL (TTJ), understand that when an error in terms of typos, numerical, grammar, and minor factual corrections is found in any of our articles, we take an expedited corrective action to update the article immediately and notify on our all platforms also.


It is our prime responsibility to maintain trust with our readers and we also encourage our readers to reach out to us for any further clarification. If you see any objectionable content of our site please write us at here


Readers, if you find any errors or irregularities in any of the content on our website, please let us know immediately. Email US or Mail us at PO Box 3366 GPO Islamabad.

If the staff on the web does not respond to you, contact the editor directly via email at

For Print Edition:

If you want to correct any errors in our print magazine, write us an email or letter. With your full support, your correction will be published on page number 42.


According to our editorial policy, only content that has been previously published in print or online edition is broadcast on social media.

If you see any such content on social media, please notify us in a timely manner by email or in the personal inbox on the social media page. Content will be corrected within three hours of taking immediate action on your identification.