Correction policy

The think tank journal’s correction policy ensures accuracy across all platforms. Explore our commitment to transparency and accountability in our online articles, print publications, and social media posts.

At Think Tank Journal, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of accuracy and integrity in our reporting across all platforms. Our comprehensive correction policy applies to our website, print edition, and social media platforms to ensure transparency and accountability in our content dissemination.


Online Articles:

In the event of an error or inaccuracy in any of our online articles, we promptly correct the information and clearly mark the correction within the article.

Corrections are made at the bottom of the article with a timestamp to indicate when the correction was made.

We strive to respond to reader feedback and reports of inaccuracies swiftly, ensuring our content remains reliable and trustworthy.

Print Edition:

Errors discovered in our print publications are corrected in subsequent editions whenever feasible.

In cases where a significant error requires immediate attention, we publish a correction notice in the next available edition, prominently displaying the corrected information.

Our commitment to accuracy extends to our print materials, ensuring our readers receive reliable information in every issue.

If you want to correct any errors in our print magazine, write us an email or letter. With your full support, your correction will be published on page number 42.

Social Media Platforms:

In the event of an error in any of our social media posts, we promptly acknowledge and correct the information.

Corrections are made in the form of follow-up posts or comments, clearly stating the corrected information, and acknowledging the error.

We encourage our followers to report any inaccuracies they encounter on our social media platforms, allowing us to address and rectify errors promptly.

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Dear Readers,

if you find any errors or irregularities in any of the content on our website, please let us know immediately. Email US or Mail us at PO Box 3366 GPO Islamabad, Pakistan.

If the staff on the web does not respond to you, contact the editor directly via email at

Overall, Think Tank Journal‘s correction policy underscores our dedication to transparency, accuracy, and accountability in all our content dissemination efforts. We value the trust of our readers and strive to maintain the highest standards of journalistic integrity across all platforms.