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Fact checking policy:

The highly skilled Content writers/producers of (TTJ) closely monitor the accuracy of information/content before publication, with clear source of research and writer/publication. All facts and sources included in the article must be verified using the best judgment of the team of editors on news desk. The article must be reviewed by a senior editor before been published to the website.

In case of any conflict, our team of editors will use a fact-checker group within the editorial team to resolve the issue. The fact-checker group might need to contact other individuals or institutions to collect more information.  If you see any objectionable content of our site please write us at here

Corrections policy:

THE THINK TANK JOURNAL (TTJ), understand that when an error in terms of typos, numerical, grammar, and minor factual corrections is found in any of our articles, we take an expedited corrective action to update the article immediately and notify on our all platforms also.

It is our prime responsibility to maintain trust with our readers and we also encourage our readers to reach out to us for any further clarification. If you see any objectionable content of our site please write us at here

Fair Use Policy:

In accord with no profit, no loss mission, we believe this globally accepted doctrine of Fair Use of Policy, we published/distribute the news related content without profit to those who have exercised their “right to know” for Information/research and pure educational purposes.

In accordance with the Fair use policy, we highlight the proper credit and link the author’s original publication to understand the deep background of the piece.

Fair use is a legal doctrine that promotes freedom of expression by permitting the unlicensed use of copyright-protected works in certain circumstances. Section 107 of the Copyright Act provides the statutory framework for determining whether something is a fair use and identifies certain types of uses—such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research

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Legal Disclaimer:

The views and opinions expressed in this website are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the website or organization or company.

Assumptions made in the analysis are not reflective of the positions of any entity other than the author’s point of view – and, since we are critically-thinking human beings, these views are always subject to change revision, and rethinking at any time.


Crumbs/Cookie Policy:

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If you continue, we’ll assume that you are Happy to receive all cookies on the website. For more information write us  Click Here

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