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Think tank: Korea’s Hanwha Group Eyes Canadian Defense Market Expansion


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In a strategic move to strengthen its presence in the North American market, Hanwha Group’s shipbuilding and machinery manufacturing affiliates recently showcased their advanced defense technologies to Dr. David Perry, the President of the Canadian Global Affairs Institute (CGAI).

This effort marks Hanwha’s commitment to expanding its footing in Canada, aligning with the nation’s efforts to enhance its roles and responsibilities within the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).


Overview of Visit:


During his recent visit to Korea, Dr. David Perry undertook an extensive tour of Hanwha Ocean and Hanwha Aerospace’s facilities. The tour included a visit to Hanwha Ocean’s Research and Development (R&D) campus and shipyard, as well as Hanwha Aerospace’s manufacturing plants. Perry had the opportunity to witness firsthand the state-of-the-art maritime and artillery capabilities of the companies, including Hanwha Ocean’s KSS-III submarine, and Hanwha Aerospace’s K-9 howitzer and K239 Chunmoo rocket launcher.


Strategic Expansion into Canadian Defense Market:


Hanwha is strategically positioning itself for expansion into the Canadian defense market, recognizing the potential for collaboration with Canada’s efforts in European conflict areas as a NATO member. The showcased naval and land platforms, such as the KSS-III submarine and artillery systems, are poised to contribute significantly to the modernization of the Canadian Army and Navy. Hanwha emphasizes its commitment to providing timely, cost-effective solutions aligned with Canada’s operational needs.


Comprehensive Strategic Partnership:


The visit by Dr. Perry aligns with the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership announced by Korea and Canada in 2022, commemorating the 60th anniversary of their diplomatic relations. The partnership aims to foster security cooperation, with a focus on Canada’s Indo-Pacific strategy. The growing defense collaboration between the two nations is evident through joint naval drills in the Korean peninsula’s West Sea and Korean Navy port calls in Halifax, Canada.




Hanwha Group’s demonstration of cutting-edge defense technologies to the President of the Canadian Global Affairs Institute underscores the company’s commitment to international collaboration and strategic expansion. As both Korea and Canada deepen their defense cooperation, this move sets the stage for future partnerships and advancements in defense capabilities that contribute to global security and stability.

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