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Masa Think Tank Calls for Women’s Leadership in Malaysia


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Institut Masa Depan Malaysia (Masa) advocates for robust government initiatives to uplift women’s socioeconomic status in Malaysia, especially on the occasion of International Women’s Day. Recognizing the pivotal role of women in driving economic growth and societal progress, Masa emphasizes the need for equitable policies and enhanced female participation across sectors.

Enhancing Women’s Socioeconomic Status:

Masa underscores the importance of proactive measures to promote female leadership and participation in both public and private spheres. With ambitious targets to eradicate labor market injustices, Malaysia aims to bolster economic outcomes for women, aligning with global efforts to harness women’s potential for prosperity.

Women’s Contribution to Economic Growth:

Despite constituting half of the global population, women contribute only 37% to the global GDP. Acknowledging the substantial value of women’s unpaid work, estimated at US$10.9 trillion, Masa stresses the significance of investing in women’s literacy, capacity building, and entrepreneurship to drive economic empowerment.

Advocacy for Gender Equity:

Masa advocates for gender equity and empowerment, recognizing women’s essential role in societal progress. Beyond Western feminism, the concept of women’s empowerment encompasses challenging societal norms and laws that limit women’s agency and choices. Masa reaffirms its commitment to advancing gender equity and fostering shared prosperity on International Women’s Day 2024.


As Malaysia commemorates International Women’s Day, Masa urges concerted efforts to empower women and create an inclusive society. By championing gender equity and implementing strategic policies, Malaysia can unlock the full potential of women, driving economic growth and societal transformation.

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