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Russian TV wins war against Voice of America, think tank


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According to the US think tank, Russian publications can affect local opinions regarding US actions.

Russian media outlets have confronted serious feedback within the West over the past a few a long time for supposedly conveying one-sided scope of news.

In 2016, the European Parliament received a resolution on the got to counter Russian media, citing Sputnik and RT as major dangers.

A number of European and US lawmakers have charged Sputnik and RT of interferometer in other countries’ undertakings, yet without giving any confirmation.

Moscow has called all the allegations against RT and Sputnik baseless.


Foreign Policy Research Institute’s (FPRI) filed a report named “Locked in Opportunism’: Russia’s Part within the Horn of Africa,” RT’s Arabic-language channel encompasses a more prominent viewership in Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Tunisia and Sudan than the Qatari state-owned broadcaster Al Jazeera and Saudi tv news channel Al Arabiya.

“As Russia does not wish to militarily conflict within the Horn of Africa, its capacity to challenge U.S. impact within the locale is constrained.

Instep, Russia might attempt to undermine the validity of the Joined together States within the Horn of Africa by propelling a concerted data war against U.S. military exercises,” the report examined.


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