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Pakistan’s PRCCSF Tops World Think Tank Rankings


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The Pakistan Research Centre for a Community with Shared Future (PRCCSF) has achieved a remarkable milestone by securing the number one position among 17 Research Centers operating in 155 partner countries of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

This prestigious recognition was bestowed upon PRCCSF during the International Think Tank Forum 2023, held in Wuhu, China. The center’s remarkable efforts in fostering research and academic collaboration, promoting the concept of a shared future on a global scale, and contributing significantly to the BRI and connectivity, have earned it this coveted position.


The International Think Tank Forum 2023


The International Think Tank Forum 2023, titled “Building a Community with Shared Future & Belt and Road Initiative,” was organized by the Communication University of China, Beijing, and Anhui Normal University Wuhu. The forum brought together think tanks from around the world that are dedicated to advancing connectivity through the BRI and the concept of a shared future. It served as a platform for intellectual exchange, discussion, and recognition of the pivotal role played by think tanks in shaping the future of global cooperation.


Recognition of PRCCSF’s Achievement


Executive Director PRCCSF, representing Pakistan at the International Think Tank Forum, proudly announced the center’s remarkable achievement, stating, “It’s my proud privilege to announce that Pakistan Research Centre for a Community with Shared Future has been declared as the best center in the world and we are given first position.” This statement underscores the significant role of PRCCSF in the global landscape of research and academic cooperation.


PRCCSF’s Contributions to the BRI and Connectivity


PRCCSF’s journey to the top spot in the global rankings is not accidental. The center’s remarkable contributions to the Belt and Road Initiative and connectivity have been pivotal in securing this recognition. It has actively participated in initiatives aimed at strengthening people-to-people ties and promoting the concept of a shared future.


Research and Academic Cooperation: PRCCSF has been at the forefront of enhancing research and academic cooperation. The center has fostered collaborations not only in Pakistan but also globally. This cooperative approach has led to a robust exchange of ideas, knowledge, and expertise, thereby enriching the academic and research landscape.


Promoting the Concept of a Shared Future: One of PRCCSF’s distinguishing features is its commitment to promoting the concept of a shared future. This concept emphasizes the interdependence and interconnectedness of nations in an increasingly globalized world. PRCCSF’s initiatives have effectively conveyed this message, fostering a sense of unity and common purpose among nations.


Global Contribution to the BRI: The Belt and Road Initiative, spanning across continents, seeks to enhance connectivity, trade, and cooperation among nations. PRCCSF has been a significant contributor to this initiative. Its research and actions have facilitated the smooth implementation of BRI projects, fostering economic growth and cultural exchange.


Strengthening People-to-People Ties: In an era when people-to-people ties are crucial for international relations, PRCCSF’s efforts have been commendable. The center has actively worked to bridge cultural gaps and build stronger relationships among people from different parts of the world, creating a global community with shared values and aspirations.


Executive Director PRCCSF’s Insights


During his participation in the International Think Tank Forum 2023, the Executive Director of PRCCSF emphasized the multi-level cooperation under the BRI. This cooperation is not limited to regional initiatives but extends to global coordination recognized by the United Nations. The United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the ASEAN Connectivity Plan are just a few examples of the global initiatives that PRCCSF has actively contributed to.


The recognition of PRCCSF as the top research center in the world underscores Pakistan’s commitment to international cooperation and its pivotal role in the Belt and Road Initiative. This achievement reflects the center’s dedication to fostering a community with a shared future, where nations collaborate for a more prosperous and interconnected world.




The Pakistan Research Centre for a Community with Shared Future (PRCCSF) has made history by securing the number one position among 17 research centers associated with the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). This recognition at the International Think Tank Forum 2023 in China is a testament to PRCCSF’s outstanding contributions to research, academic cooperation, and the promotion of a shared future. As the world moves towards greater global connectivity, PRCCSF’s achievements serve as an inspiration and a model for international collaboration and shared aspirations. This remarkable achievement reaffirms the importance of research and academic cooperation in shaping a better and more interconnected future for all.

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