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Think tank Survey 2024: Pakistan’s Top Concerns Revealed


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Understanding Pakistan’s Socio-Economic Challenges

In Pakistan, like many developing countries, socio-economic issues pose significant challenges to the well-being of its citizens. Among these challenges, inflation and unemployment stand out as persistent concerns that continue to affect the lives of Pakistanis across the country.

Inflation: A Major Socio-Economic Issue

The latest Ipsos Pakistan Consumer Confidence Survey 2024 sheds light on the prevailing sentiments regarding socio-economic issues in the country. According to the survey, inflation remains at the forefront of concerns for a majority of Pakistanis. As of March 2024, a staggering 51% of respondents identified inflation as the most pressing problem in need of resolution.

Trends in Public Perception: Insights from the Survey

The survey highlights notable trends in public perception regarding socio-economic challenges. While inflation remains the top concern, there has been a slight decline in the percentage of Pakistanis expressing worry about it, down from 53% in November 2023 to 51% in March 2024. Despite this decrease, inflation continues to weigh heavily on the minds of citizens.

Unemployment: Another Critical Issue

Alongside inflation, unemployment ranks as a significant socio-economic issue in Pakistan. The survey reveals that 16% of respondents consider unemployment to be the most important problem facing the country. However, there has been a 4% drop in the number of individuals expressing concern about unemployment since November 2023.

Changing Perceptions: Poverty and Other Concerns

While inflation and unemployment dominate the socio-economic discourse, other issues also warrant attention. The survey indicates a slight increase in the percentage of Pakistanis expressing concerns about poverty, rising from 5% in November 2023 to 7% in March 2024. Additionally, 5% of respondents cited the interference of state departments as a significant issue.


Key Findings: A Detailed Breakdown

Electricity Challenges: 4% of respondents identified electricity-related issues, including load shedding and price hikes, as pressing concerns.

Corruption and Nepotism: 4% of respondents expressed worries about corruption, bribery, adulteration, and nepotism in various sectors.

Legal iscrimination: 3% of respondents highlighted concerns about discrimination in the implementation of law and justice.

Taxation Burden: 1% of respondents cited the additional burden of taxes as a significant issue.

Water Scarcity: 1% of respondents expressed concerns about the unavailability of water for domestic use.

Addressing Pakistan’s Socio-Economic Challenges

The Ipsos Pakistan Consumer Confidence Survey 2024 provides valuable insights into the socio-economic landscape of Pakistan. While inflation and unemployment remain top concerns, the survey underscores the multifaceted nature of the country’s challenges. Effective policies and initiatives aimed at tackling these issues are essential to improving the well-being of Pakistanis and fostering sustainable socio-economic development.

Abu Bakr Alvi
Abu Bakr Alvi
Mr. Abu Bakr Alvi, Senior Journalist Based in Faisalabad

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