Saturday, March 25, 2023

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Samarkand declaration notes SCO not intended against other organizations

Shanghai Cooperation Organization concludes 2022 summit with Samarkand declaration noting that the organization is not intended against other organizations. By Muhammad Arshad Makhan The Shanghai Cooperation...

China’s control of vital minerals threat to US and allies, British think tank

London-based Polar Research and Policy Initiative said that China controls about 90% of the supply of rare earths. Greenland has huge deposits of rare earths,...

Concerns of Taiwanese think tank on China’s vaccine diplomacy

Taipei base think tank believed that China's "vaccine diplomacy, which has become central to its foreign policy in 2021. "China, as one of the few...

India presence in sanctions committee threat to Afghan Peace, Think tank

Mushahid Hussain Syed, chairman of the Pakistan China Institute, says it is not good news, India to head UN Security Council committees. India's past record...

World’s Think tanks Reports on 23rd July 2020

The Think tank journal, is to provide a platform, where, you can read the views of policy makers and latest reports of Think-tanks.   Think Tanks...

China’s oil demand increase in Pandemic era, think tank

During the global epidemic, where global economies are in a slump, China is growing and its demand and supply have also increased. Surprisingly, the demand...

Beijing-based think tank believe that US has started cold war against China

Beijing-based think tank's researchers believe that The United States is propelling a cold war against China. A add up to of 62 out of the...


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