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Iranian political leadership has blamed the think tank for the audio scandal


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An audio controversy sparked political turmoil in Iranian presidency and “Supreme religious powers” over the great military influence in the state matters.

According to Iranian state News Agency, the president of the Iranian Center for Strategic Studies, Mr. Hesamodin Ashena leaves his job immediately after the Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif’s allegations over the three-hour audio tape leaked.

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The most powerful Iranian think tank, Center for Strategic Studies  closely monitoring the top political leadership and directly reporting to the Iranian supreme leader over most sensitive issues with “strategic depth”.

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Hesamoddin Ashena joined the Center for Strategic Studies in 2000 and become the head of most powerful think tank in 2013. He also served as strategic advisor to Iranian president H.E Hassan Rohani.

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Iranian news agency reported that President Hassan rohani appointed Ali Rabiei as new head of think tank and ordered inquiry about the audio scam, which is considered as “conspiracy”.

A local newspaper claims that Iranian government will change its Foreign Minister also soon, but few from the top leadership are trying to halt this decision will EU US dialogue.

The local media reported that the leaked audio tape set new direction of the upcoming presidential election on June 18th this year.

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