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Asian think tanks analysis – Is it embarrassing withdrawal of US from Afghanistan?


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The announcement of the withdrawal of US and NATO forces from Afghanistan by September 11 has created an atmosphere of concern, anxiety and fear.This is the atmosphere that Afghanistan faced in 1989 when the former Soviet troops withdrew.

After US President Donald Trump, Joe Biden also announced his withdrawal from Afghanistan, leaving many questions. The situation in Afghanistan is so interesting that even policy-making think tanks have different views.

United States of America:

A US think tank believes that US withdrawal from Afghanistan will start the new warfare. Michael E. O ‘Hanlon of  US think tank Brookings Institution understand that US withdrawal plan could boost the civil war between local tribes. He worries about the ethnic cleansing and become the save haven of terrorists.

He added that the sudden withdrawal of the United States from Afghanistan looks like the country will now run terrorist organizations.


On the other side, Afghan think tank is hopeful; this withdrawal plan will be the first step towards peace in homeland. Mr. Amar, belong to the Afghanistan Think Tank (C4A) said that mostly local are very happy and there are full of expectations over leaving US forces.

He believes that after leaving the United States, the Afghan government will be free in its decisions. The Afghan government, like the rest of the world, will invite Russian and Chinese investors.

Asian think tanks analysis - Is it embarrassing withdrawal of US from Afghanistan?
Asian think tanks analysis – Is it embarrassing withdrawal of US from Afghanistan?

He added that such measures would put Afghanistan’s economy back on its feet.

On the other hand, the Afghan media is frustrated with the sudden knowledge of the United States on how to strengthen the country’s institutions. According to them, the United States should announce a package before leaving Afghanistan so that Afghanistan can stand on its own two feet.

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Even in the eyes of Pakistani think tanks, the unplanned withdrawal of the United States will certainly be a prelude to a civil war. The director of Islamabad based think tank Institute of Strategic Studies; Amina Khan said that the United States should have worked out a plan of action with all stakeholders before leaving Afghanistan. There are serious concerns in Pakistan about this US approach.

She said that Pakistani leadership is ready to work with Afghanistan leadership for peace but Pakistan alone cannot do anything for afghan’s economy.

She suggested that Peace in Afghanistan is possible only through a peace deal, and the United States should remain in contact with both Kabul and the Taliban after the withdrawal to abide by the agreement.


A Russian think tank believed that US is responsible of the crisis of Afghanistan. Deputy Director of the Institute of Strategic Studies at the Russian University, Nikita Danyuk said that US leaderships deliberately refusing their responsibilities regarding building infrastructure in Afghanistan. She also pointed out that US not gave proper importance to development of Afghanistan during its 20-year stay.

Nikita Danyuk said it is very easy to destroy the homes and building of the helpless country as arbiter and policeman of the world, at least US should know announced the development plan for the country, which used for several years against neighboring states.


The Chinese think tank has considered it is a “US’ embarrassing withdrawal”. the director of Institute of Middle East Studies at China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations, Niu Xinchun think that While the people of Afghanistan are happy with the departure of the United States, they are also blaming the United States for the country’s devastation.

In both cases, he says, it is an embarrassment for the United States because it has not won anything there.

Wasim Qadri
Wasim Qadri
Islamabad based Senior Journalist, TV Show Host, Media Trainer, can be follow on twitter @jaranwaliya

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