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Asian think tanks analysis – Is it embarrassing withdrawal of US from Afghanistan?

The announcement of the withdrawal of US and NATO forces from Afghanistan by September 11 has created an atmosphere of concern, anxiety and fear.This...

Chinese think tank have Predicted Gas-Guzzler will be end in 2045

  The Beijing- and Los Angeles-based Advancement Center for Vitality and Transportation anticipated that China will stage out ordinarily fueled models by the moment half...

Pandemic Business: 15 billionaires richer in 2020, think-tank Report

A study by Institute of Policy Studies, US-based think tank calculated that in US alone billionaires’ estimated net wealth has gone past $3.5 trillion...

American think tank Blaming Beijing can’t hide Washington’s failures

American think tank, the Brookings Institution, published an article in late March accusing the U.S. government of its “massive failures of judgement and inaction”...

CGTN Think Tank analyzes China’s post COVID-19 economic recovery

After two months of uncertainty, China's economy is picking up the pieces; letting loose pent-up growth. Yet, while some businesses make leaps and bounds,...


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