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Think Tank to Drive Global Publishing and Cultural Exchanges in the GBA


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The establishment of an international publishing and communication think tank for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA) is set to enhance cultural promotion, reinforce China’s international communication capability, and foster global awareness of the region’s significance. The launch ceremony took place during the 29th Beijing International Book Fair, with esteemed media and publishing insiders emphasizing the crucial role of news media in facilitating cultural exchanges and advancing Chinese culture on a global scale.


The Importance of Cultural Development and Exchanges:

During the launch ceremony, Xing Zhigang, a member of the editorial board of China Daily, highlighted the influential role of news media and publishing industries in promoting cultural development, fostering mutual learning, and disseminating Chinese culture worldwide. Recognizing their significance, the International Publishing and Communication Think Tank of the GBA was inaugurated.


Promoting the Belt and Road Initiative and International Development:

The think tank, jointly established by the Guangdong Publishing Group and the China Watch Institute of China Daily, aims to research various aspects of global publishing, international cultural exchanges, the Belt and Road Initiative, international development of the GBA, and the internationalization of talent and enterprises.

This research will facilitate cultural integration between the GBA and the rest of the world.


Multilingual Books on Significant Topics:

Since 2018, the China Watch Institute of China Daily and the Guangdong People’s Publishing House, affiliated with the Guangdong Publishing Group, have collaborated on publishing a series of multilingual books covering essential themes such as the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening-up, poverty alleviation, and green and low-carbon development.

These publications provide a comprehensive and objective understanding of China’s progress and transformation.


Arabic Version of The Sleeping Giant Awakes:

During the event, the signing ceremony for the Arabic version of The Sleeping Giant Awakes, a book focusing on global perspectives on China’s transformation after four decades of reform and opening-up, was also held.

The Guangdong People’s Publishing House and the China Watch Institute collaborated on this project, inviting nearly 40 renowned international experts and scholars to contribute their insights. The book offers a balanced and three-dimensional portrayal of China’s achievements.

Launch of International Publishing and Communication Think Tank Boosts Global Recognition of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area


The launch of the International Publishing and Communication Think Tank for the GBA marks a significant step in promoting the region’s culture, strengthening China’s international communication capabilities, and fostering global recognition of its achievements.

The collaboration between the Guangdong Publishing Group, the China Watch Institute, and renowned experts will enable extensive research in various areas of international significance. Through multilingual publications and objective portrayals, the GBA aims to deepen cultural integration, facilitate international exchanges, and contribute to the global outreach of Chinese culture.

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