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How 2024 US Vote Will Shape Global Economy?


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As the world braces itself for the 2024 United States Presidential Election, global markets are on edge, keenly observing the unfolding political landscape. With the United States wielding substantial economic influence worldwide, this election transcends national borders, with implications reaching far into global markets, trade dynamics, and environmental policies.

The Economic Powerhouse of the US:

The United States boasts a staggering Gross Domestic Product (GDP) exceeding USD 25 trillion, representing nearly a quarter of the global economy. This economic might positions US policy decisions as significant drivers of international economic trends, trade policies, and investment flows. According to JPMorgan, 28% of global institutional traders identify “election year volatility” as their top concern for 2024.

Trade Policies:

The US stance on trade agreements and tariffs historically reverberates across global markets. The Trump administration’s tariffs against Chinese imports in 2018 disrupted global supply chains and caused a 0.3% dip in global GDP, illustrating the profound impact of US trade policies. With promises of further tariff increases, the outcome of the 2024 election will undoubtedly shape trade dynamics, affecting nations’ export-import balances and supply chain strategies.

Environmental Commitment:

The US’s leadership role in climate action has been a focal point, particularly with its re-entry into the Paris Agreement under the Biden administration. This shift has catalyzed global investments in renewable energy, with manufacturers eyeing the American market for growth opportunities. However, differing viewpoints between candidates on climate policies, particularly regarding electric vehicles and international agreements, present contrasting visions that will reverberate in global energy markets and green technology investments.

Global Implications:

The outcome of the 2024 US Presidential Election will be pivotal, with far-reaching implications for global markets. From trade dynamics to environmental investments, decisions made by US voters will shape economic landscapes worldwide. As the world watches, it becomes evident that national elections in the US have become significant global events, underscoring the interconnectedness of economies and the shared stakes in political outcomes.

Critical Juncture:

the 2024 US Presidential Election stands as a critical juncture with profound implications for global markets. The direction of US trade and environmental policies will influence economic stability, trade dynamics, and ecological investments on a global scale. As the world waits for November’s decision, the importance of national elections in shaping the international landscape becomes increasingly apparent.

Wasim Qadri
Wasim Qadri
Islamabad based Senior Journalist, TV Show Host, Media Trainer, can be follow on twitter @jaranwaliya

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