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Estonia’s Think Tank Unveils Teacher Needs Calculator


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As Estonia navigates the dynamic landscape of education, the Foresight Center, an independent think tank associated with the Riigikogu, has unveiled a groundbreaking calculator designed to estimate the future demand for teachers.

This innovative tool considers an array of variables, from student numbers and educational technology integration to the evolving landscape of special education needs (SEN). This article explores the implications of the Foresight Center’s findings and the potential impact on Estonia’s educational landscape.


Understanding the Complexities:


Forecasting the future demand for teachers involves grappling with a multitude of interconnected variables. The Foresight Center’s research director, Uku Varblane, acknowledges the challenges of isolating and calculating the effects of these factors. In response, the think tank has developed a calculator that allows for comprehensive testing of various combinations of these influencing factors. The goal is to provide a nuanced understanding of the future teacher landscape, accounting for both direct and indirect impacts.


Simulating Future Scenarios:


The Foresight Center utilized simulations from the calculator to generate its recent report on potential teacher needs until 2040. According to the report, if current trends persist, the shortage of teachers in Estonia is projected to dissipate by 2037, primarily due to a decline in student numbers. However, it is essential to note that regional variations in student population decline may extend the teacher shortage in certain areas.


Factors Influencing Teacher Demand:


The Foresight Center’s calculator considers a range of factors that could shape future teacher demand. Immigration, variations in the decline of school-age children, and changes in the prevalence of students with special education needs all play a role. Additionally, the successful integration of educational technology and improvements in overall learning efficiency could have contrasting effects on the demand for teachers.


Supply-Side Considerations:


The calculator goes beyond demand-side factors and also incorporates the supply of teachers into its projections. Anticipating the number of teachers entering and exiting the labor market is crucial for a holistic understanding of the future teacher landscape.


Impact on Teacher Demand:


Should current trends persist, the Foresight Center predicts a decline in demand for teachers from the current 15,000 positions to around 12,000 by 2040. This estimate could drop further to 10,000 if educational technology enhances teacher efficiency, freeing up 20 percent of their working time, as projected by McKinsey.


Educational Efficiency and Teacher Ratios:


The potential success of educational technology and increased efficiency in teaching methods could lead to a reevaluation of teacher-student ratios. If Estonia were to increase its teacher-to-student ratio from 1:11 to 1:14, aligning with levels in Slovenia and Romania, it might further reduce the number of necessary teaching positions.




The Foresight Center’s pioneering calculator offers a glimpse into the future of Estonia’s education system, providing insights that extend beyond traditional forecasting methods. By considering a multitude of factors and potential scenarios, the tool serves as a valuable resource for policymakers and educators alike. As Estonia continues its journey toward educational innovation, the Foresight Center’s contributions play a pivotal role in shaping a dynamic and responsive teaching landscape for the next generation.

Muhammad Arshad
Muhammad Arshad
Mr Arshad is is an experienced journalist who currently holds the position of Deputy Editor (Editorial) at The Think Tank Journal.

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