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Revolutionizing Healthcare: Pakistan’s Path to Universal Medical Insurance


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South Korea stands as one of the wealthiest nations globally, boasting a per capita income of $47,000, equivalent to 84 lakh Pakistani rupees. In stark contrast, Pakistan ranks 147th among the world’s rich countries. However, a remarkable initiative by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has set a new standard – a system of free treatment, rivaled only by a select few of the world’s richest nations.


Medical Insurance System:


PTI’s groundbreaking medical insurance system aims not only to provide free treatment but also to revolutionize related systems. The entire medical insurance system will be computerized, ensuring transparency and accountability. This includes recording family systems, revealing earnings of medical entities, and bringing them into the tax net, potentially generating billions in revenue. The move aims to eliminate illegal profit-making practices in hospitals, laboratories, and medicine companies.


Job Creation and Accountability:


The integration of hospitals and insurance companies necessitates constant communication to settle patient affairs, prompting the recruitment of new employees. This initiative is expected to create around 50,000 new jobs, further contributing to the economic landscape. The system, while not immune to fraud, places responsibility on the insurance company to maintain vigilance and ensures that any fraudulent activity does not burden the public or the government.


Potential Benefits of the Medical Insurance System:


Sum Insured Backup:

Evaluate if your policy offers sum insured backup, ensuring reinstatement for the remaining year if utilized.


Cumulative Bonus:

Check for cumulative bonus offerings in case of a claim-free year, ideally aiming for plans with up to 100% cumulative bonus.


Co-payment Considerations:

Ensure your policy does not impose co-payment requirements for hospitalization or surgery.


Consumables Cover:

Verify if your plan covers consumables like surgical items, masks, and gloves, which are typically excluded.


Pre- and Post-hospitalization Benefits:

Look for plans with pre- and post-hospitalization benefits, covering diagnostic tests, doctor’s fees, and medical check-ups.


Organ Donor Expenses:

Consider plans that cover organ donor expenses, safeguarding against the potential high costs of organ transplants.




As Pakistan embarks on the implementation of its medical insurance system, it is crucial to stay informed about its potential benefits and intricacies. The move signifies a paradigm shift in the country’s healthcare landscape, aiming to make quality healthcare accessible to all citizens. As the system evolves over the next few years, awareness and understanding will play key roles in maximizing its positive impact on public health and the economy.

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