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Unmasking SACR: The Shadowy Fraternity Reshaping American Politics


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Step into the clandestine world of the Society for American Civic Renewal (SACR), a secretive fraternity with ambitions to reshape American governance. Recent revelations have brought to light the involvement of influential figures and shed light on the organization’s extremist agenda. This article delves deep into SACR’s operations, uncovering its radical mission, key players, and covert tactics.

Key Insights:

  1. Claremont Institute’s Involvement: Explore the intricate web of connections between SACR and the Claremont Institute, a conservative think tank. The revelation of shared ideology and strategic collaboration raises questions about the extent of Claremont’s support for SACR’s agenda.
  2. Radical Mission Statement: Examine internal documents that unveil SACR’s mission to establish a new regime in America. Rooted in extreme Christian nationalism and authoritarian principles, SACR’s mission statement reflects a desire to replace the existing government with a regime aligned with their beliefs.
  3. Key Players: Unveil the individuals behind SACR, including Claremont president Ryan P Williams and Boise State University professor Scott Yenor. Explore their roles within SACR and their objectives in reshaping American governance.
  4. Financial Backing: Investigate the financial ties between SACR and Claremont, shedding light on the sources of funding and the extent of Claremont’s financial support for SACR’s agenda.
  5. Tactical Secrecy: Examine SACR’s covert strategies, including the use of encrypted communications and defensive measures against scrutiny. Analyze how these tactics contribute to SACR’s ability to operate discreetly and evade detection.


The exposure of SACR’s radical aims and influential backers raises profound concerns about the erosion of democratic values and the rise of extremist ideologies within American society. As revelations continue to surface, the implications for American governance and civil liberties become increasingly significant.


In the face of SACR’s clandestine operations, it is essential to scrutinize the organization’s agenda and challenge its efforts to undermine democratic norms. By shining a light on SACR’s activities, we can safeguard the principles of democracy and uphold the values of freedom and equality for all Americans.

Saeed Minhas
Saeed Minhas
Saeed Minhas is an accomplished journalist with extensive experience in the field. He has held prominent positions such as Editor at Daily Times and Daily Duniya. Currently, he serves as the Chief Editor (National) at The Think Tank Journal

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