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Uncertainty Surrounding Captaincy: Shaheen Afridi and Babar Azam


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The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has come under scrutiny for its failure to uphold meritocratic principles in recent appointments, with allegations of political influence casting doubt on the integrity of the selection process. The Chairman Mohsin Naqvi,  serve both side within the top government leadership and also in the cricketing body

Impact on Cricket Infrastructure: Consequences of Undemocratic Leadership

The infiltration of political interests in the PCB has had far-reaching consequences, notably affecting the development and maintenance of cricket infrastructure in the country. The undue influence of politically appointed figures has hampered the board’s ability to enact meaningful reforms and initiatives aimed at nurturing talent and improving facilities.

Coach Appointments Ahead of T20 World Cup: Timing and Implications

The recent advertisement for new coach appointments just weeks before the T20 World Cup mission has raised eyebrows among cricket enthusiasts and analysts alike. Critics argue that such eleventh-hour decisions risk disrupting team cohesion and strategy, as coaches may not have sufficient time to acclimatize to their roles and implement effective plans.


Chairman’s Overreach: Direct Interference in Selection Committee

Reports emerging from within the PCB suggest that Chairman Mohsin Naqvi has been exerting undue influence over the selection committee’s decisions, particularly regarding key player selections and leadership appointments. This direct interference in operational matters undermines the autonomy and impartiality of the selection process, fueling speculation of favoritism and bias.


Uncertain Captaincy: Turmoil Surrounding Shaheen Afridi and Babar Azam

The uncertainty surrounding the captaincy of players like Shaheen Afridi and Babar Azam has added to the tumult within the PCB. While Afridi faces rumors of impending removal from captaincy without clear justification, Babar Azam’s hesitance to accept the T20I captaincy until his demands are met reflects a broader lack of confidence in the board’s leadership.


The Legacy of Sarfraz Ahmed: Denied Return Amidst Political Tensions

Former captain Sarfraz Ahmed’s exclusion from leadership roles despite his past successes underscores the pervasive influence of political interests within the PCB. Sarfraz’s tenure as captain, marked by notable victories and a high win ratio, has been overshadowed by internal politics, with certain factions within the board opposing his reinstatement on questionable grounds.

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Waseem Shahzad Qadri
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