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Afridi Astonished: Babar Azam Ousts Shaheen as T20 Captain


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The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has stirred controversy with its decision to reinstate Babar Azam as the captain of the T20 and ONE-day cricket teams, leading up to the upcoming Cricket World Cup in the United States and West Indies. However, the move has faced backlash from former cricketers, citing concerns over the selection process and allegations of racism against Sarfraz Ahmed.

Babar Azam’s Reinstatement:

Former captain Babar Azam’s reappointment as captain has reignited debates within the cricketing community. Despite criticisms regarding his captaincy record compared to Sarfraz Ahmed, Babar Azam has been chosen to lead the team once again, prompting discontent among former players.

Discontent Among Former Cricketers:

Several former cricketers have expressed dissatisfaction with Babar Azam’s appointment, questioning the PCB‘s decision-making process and highlighting concerns over racism allegations against Sarfraz Ahmed. The discontent underscores broader issues within the Pakistani cricketing fraternity.

Afridi’s Astonishment:

Former all-rounder Shahid Afridi has publicly expressed astonishment at Babar Azam’s reinstatement as Pakistan’s T20I captain, replacing Shaheen Afridi. The announcement by the PCB has raised eyebrows and sparked discussions regarding the future direction of the team under Babar Azam’s leadership.

Shaheen Afridi’s Response:

Shaheen Afridi, who was replaced by Babar Azam as T20I captain, has voiced dismay over the PCB’s handling of the situation. Following his removal, Shaheen Afridi expressed disappointment at the board’s decision and contested a falsified statement attributed to him, further adding to the controversy surrounding the captaincy change.

Fabricated Statement Controversy:

The PCB’s release of a falsified statement purportedly from Shaheen Afridi has added fuel to the fire, with Shaheen vehemently denying endorsement of the statement. The incident has raised questions about transparency and communication within the PCB, casting a shadow over Babar Azam’s appointment.

Path Forward:

As tensions simmer within Pakistani cricket circles, PCB chairman Mohsin Naqvi is slated to meet with Shaheen Afridi to address the concerns and chart a path forward. The outcome of this meeting could have significant ramifications for the team’s cohesion and performance in upcoming tournaments.


The controversy surrounding Babar Azam’s appointment as captain highlights the complexities and challenges facing Pakistani cricket. As the team prepares for the Cricket World Cup, navigating internal discord and restoring trust within the cricketing community will be essential for fostering unity and achieving success on the international stage.

Waseem Shahzad Qadri
Waseem Shahzad Qadri
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