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The time for the state of emergency on sexual violence, African Think Tank


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African Think Tank has declared support for the Civil Society and the Nigeria to ensure that violence against women and girls.

The statement which reads in parts said, “The African Legal Think Tank on Women’s Rights ( ALTOWR ) is following with tremendous concern the rise of systemic violence towards women and children in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“We condemn the horrendous episodes of rape, domestic violence and abuses, and join in solidarity the coalition of Civil Society Organizations calling for the declaration of a State of Emergency on SGBV in Nigeria”.


In a statement issued, ALTOWR expressed concern over the spate of Sexual and Gender Based Violence towards women and children in the country, urging the government to take decisive action to end the menace.


It further stated that survivors of SGBV are often unable to report cases due to the stigma and fear of discrimination.

“We wish to reiterate that the police should not be used in any form or manner as a tool of oppression and power abuse, serving a privileged elite to silence, threaten and intimidate women.



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