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Putin assigns Ex-Mercenary Leader to Ukraine’s Volunteer Forces


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Russian President Vladimir Putin has made a significant move by meeting Andrei Troshev, a former senior commander of the notorious Wagner mercenary group,

who is now reported to be working for the Russian defense ministry. This meeting raises questions about Russia’s involvement in Ukraine and its control over private military contractors.


Wagner Mercenary Group: A Brief Overview


The Wagner mercenary group, led by Yevgeny Prigozhin, had long been operating in the shadows, participating in various conflicts around the world, from Syria to Africa. Their role in Ukraine has been a subject of international concern, as they often served as unofficial proxies for the Russian state.


A Shifting Landscape


The dynamics within the Wagner group shifted dramatically in June when Prigozhin staged a mutiny. In a bold move, Wagner troops briefly marched on Moscow, challenging Putin’s authority. This event marked the most significant challenge to Putin’s rule in decades.


Putin’s Response


In response to the mutiny, President Putin called on all Wagner employees and other Russian private military contractors to pledge allegiance to the Russian state. This move indicated Putin’s intent to regain control over these groups.


Andrei Troshev’s Role


During the recent meeting, President Putin appointed Andrei Troshev, also known as Sedoi, to oversee volunteer fighter units in Ukraine. This decision raises concerns about Russia’s continued involvement in Ukraine’s ongoing conflict, as Troshev is a seasoned veteran with experience in Russia’s wars in Afghanistan, Chechnya, and Syria.


Troshev’s Background


Andrei Troshev is highly regarded for his military experience and has received accolades for his service, including the Hero of Russia Award for his support of government forces in Syria while leading Wagner. His appointment underscores Russia’s intent to maintain a presence in Ukraine.


The Significance of the Meeting


This meeting carries significant implications for Russia’s role in Ukraine and the future of private military contractors like Wagner. Putin’s public praise of Troshev suggests an attempt to assert control over Prigozhin’s inner circle, signaling that Putin remains in charge of the situation.


The Post-Prigozhin Era


The fact that the Kremlin has confirmed Troshev’s role in the Russian Ministry of Defense indicates a shift in Russia’s approach. This post-Prigozhin era suggests that the Russian Ministry of Defense is taking greater control of the so-called special military operation in Ukraine.




Vladimir Putin’s appointment of Andrei Troshev to oversee volunteer units in Ukraine raises questions about Russia’s intentions and its continued influence in the region. As Putin seeks to assert control and stability, the dynamics within private military contractor groups like Wagner are shifting, with potential implications for the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

Muhammad Arshad
Muhammad Arshad
Mr Arshad is is an experienced journalist who currently holds the position of Deputy Editor (Editorial) at The Think Tank Journal.

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