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Japanese Think Tank: Revolutionizing AI for Copyright Safety


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In the dynamic world of artificial intelligence (AI), a groundbreaking initiative has emerged from Japan that seeks to address the intricate challenges surrounding AI-generated content and copyright concerns.

The “Anime Chain Preparatory Committee,” comprising a consortium of AI and blockchain experts, is paving the way for a transformative solution to not only prevent copyright issues but also alleviate the labor shortage in Japan’s anime industry.


A Creative Haven with AI and Blockchain


At the core of the committee’s mission is the development of a cutting-edge AI model that enables anime creators to generate content without the complexities of copyright claims. The committee acknowledges the rising prominence of generative AI in creative processes and aims to create a safe environment for creators.


The proposed AI model will leverage blockchain technology to ensure transparency and legitimacy in the utilization of training data. By recording processes on-chain, Anime Chain aims to establish a clear and unambiguous trail, securing the consent of copyright holders for the opt-in training data.


“To respect creators’ rights, we will provide a generative AI rebuilt from the foundation model utilizing only opt-in material that has received the consent of the rights holders along with related tools,” states the committee’s report.


Addressing Labor Shortages and Ensuring Fair Compensation


Beyond copyright concerns, the preparatory committee is actively engaged in addressing the persistent labor shortage in Japan’s anime industry. Despite the nation’s sizable population, there has been a noticeable decline in the number of animators. The introduction of an AI system is envisioned as a strategic move to sustain the industry’s content production.


Anime Chain’s innovative platform promises to redistribute earnings generated from AI to both creators and original intellectual property (IP) rights holders. A publicly distributed ledger will meticulously record all keyframes and images, ensuring a transparent and verifiable record of revenue-sharing.


A Three-Step Plan Towards Creative Transformation


Anime Chain has outlined a comprehensive three-step plan to realize its ambitious goals. The initial phase involves establishing a cooperative framework that guides creators and industry players in the ethical use of AI-generated content, supplemented by revenue-sharing rules.


The second stage of the plan focuses on the creation of a foundational model trained with data obtained with the explicit permission of copyright holders. This not only ensures compliance but also fosters a collaborative environment between creators and IP rights holders.


The third and final stage introduces blockchain technology to facilitate onboarding new creators and IP holders. The committee envisions a decentralized governance model, ensuring the sustained integrity and fairness of the platform.


Global Perspectives on AI and Copyright Challenges


While Anime Chain’s initiative takes center stage in Japan, the global landscape is witnessing legal battles between AI developers and copyright holders. High-profile cases involving OpenAI, Meta, and Anthropic in U.S. courts highlight the importance of establishing robust regulations to protect copyright holders from AI misuse.


In 2023, Japanese experts sounded the alarm on the absence of AI copyright regulations, predicting a surge in legal disputes. Lawmaker Takashi Kii raised concerns over the lack of protective measures for copyright holders, emphasizing the urgency of regulatory frameworks in the evolving AI landscape.


The Crucial Role of Enterprise Blockchain in AI’s Future


To navigate the evolving challenges and thrive within legal boundaries, AI systems must integrate enterprise blockchain solutions. These solutions ensure the quality and ownership of data input, providing a secure environment for data while guaranteeing the immutability of records. For an in-depth exploration of this intersection between AI and enterprise blockchain, explore CoinGeek’s comprehensive coverage on why Enterprise blockchain is poised to become the backbone of AI.


In conclusion, the Anime Chain Preparatory Committee’s bold initiative signifies a pivotal moment in the relationship between AI, creativity, and copyright. As they chart a course toward a future where AI and blockchain collaborate seamlessly, the global tech community watches closely, recognizing the potential impact on the broader landscape of AI innovation and intellectual property protection.

M Moiz
M Moiz
M Moiz, is Research Student at Islamabad research Institute and work with THE THINK TANK JOURNAL

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