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Think Tank Poll: Politicians Top List in Economic Crime Associations


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A recent survey conducted by Survation on behalf of the UK Anti-Corruption Coalition has uncovered widespread public perceptions regarding economic crime, with politicians bearing the brunt of distrust.

The poll of over 6,000 people reveals alarming statistics, highlighting a significant lack of trust in politicians when it comes to economic crime. This article delves into the key findings, shedding light on the public’s sentiments and their views on governmental efforts to combat economic wrongdoing.


Politicians Top the List in Economic Crime Associations


More than half of the respondents, a staggering 54.8%, identified politicians as one of the three groups most associated with economic crime. This percentage surpasses those who mentioned oligarchs or business executives, emphasizing a prevailing skepticism towards political figures.


Declining Trust in Politicians: A Worrying Trend


The findings align with a broader trend of declining trust in politicians over the years. Trust in parliament has reportedly halved since 1990, according to a 2023 survey by King’s College London’s Policy Institute. The COVID-19 pandemic has further accelerated the perception that politicians are “merely out for themselves,” as highlighted by a study from the IPPR think tank.


Government’s Perception Problem


The survey also sheds light on the public’s perception of the government’s stance on economic crime. A significant 45% of respondents believe that the government does not take economic crime seriously, indicating a prevailing sentiment that more needs to be done to address this critical issue.


Alarming Views on Political Accountability


Labour MP Dame Margaret Hodge expressed concern over the poll, noting that the public holds politicians more accountable for economic crime than oligarchs or kleptocrats. This sentiment is attributed to years of perceived inaction, laxity in law enforcement, and a lack of measures against illicit financial activities.


Urgent Need for Government Action


Rachel Davies, co-chair of the UK Anti-Corruption Coalition, emphasizes the public’s desire for decisive and effective action against economic crime. With 83% of respondents viewing economic crime as a serious issue, the poll underscores the urgent need for politicians to address this concern and outline concrete plans for combating such activities.


Lack of Trust in Government’s Efforts


The poll reveals that 45% of respondents do not believe the government is doing enough to combat economic crime. This sentiment highlights the public’s demand for more substantial efforts, including enhanced regulations, to tackle the issue effectively.


Call for Transparency in Election Campaigns


As the UK Anti-Corruption Coalition calls for more decisive action against economic crime, it urges politicians from all parties to clearly outline their plans in the upcoming general election. The public’s demand for transparency and effective measures against economic wrongdoing is evident, creating a call to action for politicians seeking public trust.


In conclusion, the poll’s revelations paint a stark picture of public perceptions on economic crime and the role of politicians. As the public demands more robust efforts and transparency, political figures face the challenge of rebuilding trust and addressing concerns surrounding economic wrongdoing.

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