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Investigation: Who Killed Iran’s President Raisi?


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The Mysterious Death of Ebrahim Raisi

On a fateful day, Ebrahim Raisi, the hardline President of Iran, met an untimely death in a helicopter crash near the Azerbaijan border. This tragic event has sparked widespread speculation and conspiracy theories, with many suspecting foul play. Could this be an assassination orchestrated by Iran’s arch-enemy, Israel? This article delves into the circumstances surrounding Raisi’s death and explores the various theories and evidence.

The Incident

On that ill-fated day, Raisi was returning from Iran’s border with Azerbaijan after inaugurating a cooperative dam project with Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev. The project symbolized a warming relationship between the two nations, which had been strained over the years. Raisi was accompanied by Iran’s Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian and other high-ranking officials.

According to state media, the helicopter crashed in the Dizmar Protected Area due to severe weather conditions, including heavy fog. Despite rescue efforts, Raisi and seven others were pronounced dead. The tragic incident has led to numerous questions about the real cause of the crash.

Conspiracy Theories: Israel’s Involvement?

Motive and Opportunity

Nick Griffin, a former Member of the European Parliament, suggested on social media that Israel’s intelligence agency, Mossad, might have been involved. He cited the tensions between Iran and Israel, especially considering Iran’s support for Gaza and Hezbollah, as potential motives. Griffin argued that Israel had reasons to disrupt the improving relations between Iran and Azerbaijan, which could potentially reduce regional tensions unfavorable to Israeli interests.

Historical Context

Griffin also highlighted Israel’s financial interests in ongoing conflicts. He noted that Israel has profited significantly from selling arms used in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, where Iran supported Armenia against Azerbaijan. Maintaining regional instability could serve both financial and strategic interests for Israel.

Evidence and Speculation

While there is no concrete evidence directly linking Israel to Raisi’s death, several factors fuel the speculation:

Timing and Context: The crash occurred shortly after Raisi and Aliyev showcased a major cooperative project, signaling a potential shift in regional dynamics.

Nature of the Crash: While weather conditions were poor, some argue that modern helicopters and experienced pilots should have managed the situation better, suggesting possible sabotage.

Expert Opinions: Analysts point to the sophisticated capabilities of Mossad and its history of covert operations, which adds credibility to the assassination theory.

Official Statements and Reactions

Iranian officials have not publicly accused Israel of involvement. Instead, the focus has been on mourning and honoring Raisi’s legacy. Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has declared a period of national mourning and assigned Vice President Mohammad Mokhber to assume interim duties.

The International Response

The international community has reacted with a mix of condolences and curiosity. While some countries have expressed solidarity with Iran, others are closely watching the developments for any signs of escalating tensions in the region.

Mystery and speculation

The death of President Ebrahim Raisi remains shrouded in mystery and speculation. While weather conditions were officially blamed, the possibility of assassination, particularly by Mossad, cannot be entirely dismissed given the geopolitical context. As investigations continue, the true cause of the crash may eventually come to light, but for now, the incident serves as a stark reminder of the complex and often dangerous interplay of international politics.

Credits: Edit by Mr. Waseem Qadri, Contribute by Muhammad Arshad & Abu bakr Alvi

Saeed Minhas
Saeed Minhas
Saeed Minhas is an accomplished journalist with extensive experience in the field. He has held prominent positions such as Editor at Daily Times and Daily Duniya. Currently, he serves as the Chief Editor (National) at The Think Tank Journal

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