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World’s Think tanks Reports on 27th July 2020

The Think tank journal, is to provide a platform, where, you can read the views of policy makers and latest reports of Think-tanks.   Think Tanks...

China’s oil demand increase in Pandemic era, think tank

During the global epidemic, where global economies are in a slump, China is growing and its demand and supply have also increased. Surprisingly, the demand...

People trust increased on politics during pandemic era, Dutch think tank

Dutch News Publish a short out some of report by government think tank the SCP, that Dutch people more believe on national politics and...

Australian think tank is lead the coronavirus investigation

Think-tanks will contend for a boost to unemployment benefits at a Senate request into the government's reaction to the corona-virus widespread. The Australia think tank...

States are now recognizing the magnitude of the cyber threats in outer space; Pakistan Think tank

Report: Amna Rafique  Edit by : Najim Rafique In March 2020, the US Air Force commissioned a “digital twin” of a satellite to conduct a...

The era of pandemic means set new trade trends; Polish Think tank

The Polish Economic Institute analyzing the new trends of social distancing in the era of a pandemic means that “the popularity of new forms...

سی پیک کشمیر میں ترقی کا اہم راستہ، پاکستانی تھنک ٹینکس کی تازہ رپورٹ

پاک چین اسٹیڈی سنٹر اور انسی ٹیوٹ آف اسٹریٹیجک اسٹیڈیزاسلام آباد کے باہمی اشتراک سے ـ سی پیک اور آزاد کشمیر ؛ریجنل رابطے کا...


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