Women in tennis receives less attention in media than men, international think tank
Women in tennis receives less attention in media than men, international think tank

International tennis federation conducted research with Market research Company Ipsos MORI to find out the gender equality in tennis coverage in media, as a part of ITF’s Advantage All strategy for gender equality.

The research find out that most of the media gives less attention to women tennis players as compare to men’s tennis events and other activities.

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The study focused the content in English, French, Chinese and Spanish language News Media with duration from 2019 and 2020 to understand the facts about reality in media agenda settings.


In this study, researchers select a top 100 ranked players and 25,000 online news items each as research samples to get the result of the study.

The study finds that many time English, French and Spanish content mentioned women tennis player’s age instead of their performance, on the other side the two time writer use word battle for men only games.

The study also highlight that more than 70 percent content mention’s male players’ physical prowess, G.O.A.T was pointed out 50 percent more in male tennis content than women’s players.

The study unveiled that 30 percent content related to women tennis players, mostly choose family, health and medical issues, same as career is mentioned more than 50 percent more in women’s news item than male players in all three languages.

ITF President David Haggerty said that In the light of the new research, such statistics have come to light, which will help determine future goals. He described the dissertation as important in shaping the future.

He further said that in future ITF would adopt its unique strategy on this issue to ensure equal coverage.


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