Friday, March 24, 2023

Tag: research


Tourism is a major cause of local environment damage in Pakistan, research

The World Bank organized the research on the effects of the solid waste on mountains areas in south Asian countries including Pakistan, India and...

Women in tennis receives less attention in media than men, think tank

International tennis federation conducted research with Market research Company Ipsos MORI to find out the gender equality in tennis coverage in media, as a...

World’s Think tanks Reports on 27th July 2020

The Think tank journal, is to provide a platform, where, you can read the views of policy makers and latest reports of Think-tanks.   Think Tanks...

Conservative think tank says innovation is key to UK’s COVID-19 recovery

Centre for Policy Studies has released a report called ‘After the Virus’, which collates ideas for the UK to find growth post COVID-19. The report...


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