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British think tank predicts strong Chinese trade growth in 2021


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The British think tank Oxford Economics has revealed in its latest research that the spirit of improvement in China’s economy will continue this year, this is due to the continuity of China’s exports and better strategy about pandemic.

Oxford Economics believe that this momentum will be continuing throughout the financial year of 2021, because of the positive trends in huge exports worldwide.

Is the US think tank really attacking China?

US and China trade war more dangerous than pandemic for Korea, think tank

US think tank report shows China will become Global economic leader by 2040

The think tank says that despite delays in global shipping, China’s role in the global supply chain does not appear to be diminishing.

American think tank to discredit China- Kira Phạm/Pixabay
American think tank to discredit China- Kira Phạm/Pixabay

The report said that China’s economic growth during the epidemic was not as expected; this is due to the continuity of its exports.

The research reports shows china’s imports and exports of goods surged 29.2 percent with 1.29 trillion U.S. dollars in first quarters of 2021.

Economic statistics show that China was the largest trading partner of Southeast Asian countries in the first quarter of 2021.

Earlier, a US intelligence report revealed that China would become the world’s economic leader in 2040. In this list, Indonesia was shown at the seventh position while Pakistan was at the 23rd position.

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