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Can Vaccinated-people spread corona-virus?


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The US based Corona-virus prevention consortium organized a research study to find out that how Vaccinated-people spread deadly corona-virus among others in their daily life.

The health think tank select the 21 collages in different US states with 12,000 university students, who are  Vaccinated with Moderna EUA COVID-19 vaccine in past months.

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In previous year, Clinical trials proved that Moderna vaccine is more than 94% effective to preventing the illness from COVID-19.

Can Vaccinated-people spread coronavirus?
Can Vaccinated-people spread corona-virus?

This new research study will find the answer through contact tracing, how infected vaccinated people spread COVID19 to unvaccinated people in close contacts.

A US infection disease specialist Dr. Lilly Immergluck said that this research will provide us with real information about people who have been vaccinated, whether these people are also a threat to others or whether they want to take off their masks now.

During this research all samples will take daily swabs throughout the trial to understand the facts about infection and the all data stored via mobile app electronically in central system, with all information related to questionnaire.

The think tank expected to find out the answer for this question by the end of this year

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