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think-tanks United against global epidemic – COVID-19


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Think tanks based in various US cities and UN agencies have announced an alliance to end the global epidemic.

The purpose of this announcement is solely to formulate proposals for the eradication of the global epidemic. So that this situation can be completely eliminated.

The global agency CAIAC and Young Intelligence will create such a platform. With the help of which experts from all over the world will be able to reach a final conclusion for the eradication of the global epidemic.

Cyrus Hoods, head of AI Initiative at the global coalition, said the global epidemic would create a large data bank to monitor the health, social life and economic conditions caused by the Corona epidemic, which would lead to the alliance’s global reach. The think tanks involved will benefit.

“I don’t think we’re going to be able to find a solution to this worldwide epidemic,” said the head of the Future Society, a research think tank that participated in the forum.  However, there is no problem in making this effort

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One such center will be set up in collaboration with the Future Society, UNESCO and the Patrick J. McGovern Foundation. The sole purpose is to help all the organizations around the world that are working to end the global epidemic.

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The forum, which is being developed by various think tanks around the world, will be supported by the United Nations and many major UN bodies will fully support this forum so that the desired results can be achieved soon.

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