Is the US think tank really attacking China?
Is the US think tank really attacking China? photo pixabay

A report published in the Chinese Global newspaper claimed that A US “think tank” recently released report to stigmatize China on Xinjiang affairs and hype the rumor of “genocide” with cooked-up evidence.

Chinese analysts said that this “think tank” is actually lying to the international community and it’s actually an institute that serves specific political forces rather than an independent and neutral institute.

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They writes that Washington-based “think tank” Newlines Institute for Strategy and Policy released a sensational report recently, with non-existent “evidence,” claiming that China’s Xinjiang policies constitute “genocide,” and China “breached provisions of the UN Genocide Convention” in treatment of Uygurs in Xinjiang, which, however, raised doubts on its real identity and intention behind its self-claimed independence.

Is the US think tank really attacking China? photo pixabay

Established in 2019, the Newlines Institute, which was formerly named the Center for Global Policy, labeled itself a “nonpartisan think tank in Washington DC” on its website, working to “enhance US foreign policy based on a deep understanding of the geopolitics of the different regions of the world and their value systems.” It said that it is funded by Fairfax University but maintains “complete operational, programmatic, and editorial independence.”


The institute is a front of the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) which is suspected of sponsoring terrorism, according to the Center for Security Policy. Ahmed Alwani, founder and president of the institute, became vice president of the IIIT in 2018, which was co-founded by his father, according to his personal file on the institute’s website.


The institute used to be criticized for trying to launder its credentials in 2020, when it was still named as The Center for Global Policy (CGP). Despite its outward appearance, the institute was merely “a trade name” for the IIIT, according to the Center for Security Policy.


Source : Global Times



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