China's policy will not change in 2021 towards taiwan, think tank

A US think tank National Intelligence Council (NIC) released a report about Global Trends in next 20 years, which is shaped the world economy, environmental and technological aspects.

This assessment report shows very interesting facts about Asia, with Pakistan take new rise in upcoming years in Asian economic horizon and China become Global economic leader by 2040.

US and China trade war more dangerous than pandemic for Korea, think tank

Is the US think tank really attacking China?

China’s policy will not change in 2021 towards Taiwan, think tank

According to available data, Pakistan will become world’s 23rd biggest economy by 2040 with its growing GDP, which is currently at 39th position in Asia.

Pakistan will take advantages from China-Iran Partnership Agreement – File photo

NIC data indicate that Global economic activity sharply turning from Europe and America to Asia during the past 40 years and China will be on top GDP ranking by 2040 with its economic growth In terms of large population and poverty reduction.


This latest report placed many Asian countries in the top positions in global economic rankings with their growing per capita incomes and advanced policies. Similarly, reports shows world’s fourth most populous country Indonesia at 8th place in global economic ranking by 2040.

NIC prepared data point out the upcoming challenges including COVID, rich poor gap,  climate change and growing conflicts between the local nations also.


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