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Brush Before Sleep for a Healthy Heart, Advises Think Tank


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Maintaining good oral hygiene has always been emphasized for the sake of dental health, but recent research conducted in Japan has shed light on an unexpected connection between brushing before bedtime and heart diseases. This article explores the findings of the study, which examined the relationship between brushing habits and the risk of heart diseases. Discover why brushing your teeth before sleep may play a crucial role in safeguarding your cardiovascular health.


The Study: Investigating the Brushing-Heart Disease Connection

The research, conducted at Osaka University Hospital in Japan between 2013 and 2016, involved a sample of 1,675 hospitalized patients. The aim was to examine the impact of brushing habits on the risk of heart diseases.

Participants were categorized into four groups based on their brushing routines: those who brushed twice a day (morning and evening), those who brushed only at night, those who brushed only in the morning, and those who did not brush at all.


Comprehensive Analysis and Variables Considered

To ensure a comprehensive evaluation, the researchers considered factors such as age, gender, and smoking history among the participants. Additionally, the health records of the individuals were thoroughly reviewed by four independent researchers. The study focused specifically on cardiovascular diseases, including heart failure, heart rhythm disorders, heart attacks, chest pain, and heart valve and aortic diseases requiring surgery.


The Impact of Brushing Habits on Cardiovascular Health

The results of the study revealed a notable correlation between brushing habits and cardiovascular disease survival rates. Both those who brushed twice a day (morning and evening) and those who brushed only at night exhibited significantly higher survival rates compared to individuals who did not brush at all. Surprisingly, the study found that brushing only in the morning was inadequate, emphasizing the importance of brushing before bedtime.


Published Findings and Implications

The research findings were published in the esteemed journal Scientific Reports, attracting attention and sparking discussions within the medical community. The study’s outcomes provide valuable insights into the connection between oral hygiene and heart health, suggesting that neglecting to brush before sleep could increase the risk of heart diseases.


Conclusion: Prioritizing Oral Hygiene for a Healthy Heart

The study conducted in Japan highlights the potential impact of brushing habits on cardiovascular health. While brushing twice a day is generally recommended, this research emphasizes the significance of brushing before sleep to promote optimal heart health.

As further research and discussions unfold, it is essential to recognize the potential interconnections between oral hygiene and systemic health, ensuring that proper dental care becomes an integral part of maintaining overall well-being.

Muhammad Arshad
Muhammad Arshad
Mr Arshad is is an experienced journalist who currently holds the position of Deputy Editor (Editorial) at The Think Tank Journal.

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