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AUKUS Pact Threatens Australian Industry, Says Think Tank


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In the dynamic landscape of global security, the recent emergence of AUKUS (Australia, UK, US) Pillar Two has ignited both optimism and apprehension, particularly within Australia and New Zealand. A recent report by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute sheds light on the potential ramifications of this military pact, emphasizing its transformative impact on the defense industry across the Tasman.

Advantages and Concerns

At the heart of the matter lies a pivotal question: Will AUKUS Pillar Two elevate Australia’s defense industry to unprecedented heights or inadvertently stifle its growth under the dominance of the United States? The report underscores the substantial advantages the US possesses, with its massive investment of $240 billion annually in defense research and development. This financial prowess has been instrumental in propelling the US defense industry to the forefront of innovation and capability.

Opportunities for Growth

However, amidst the concerns looms a generational opportunity for Australia to bolster its defense capabilities. AUKUS promises to facilitate the sharing of advanced military technology, potentially catapulting Australia’s defense industry into a state-of-the-art realm. The prospect of lowered barriers on defense trade presents Australian and British firms with unprecedented access to cutting-edge military technologies, paving the way for collaboration and innovation.

Challenges Ahead

Yet, the path forward is not without its challenges. The report highlights glaring funding gaps and underscores the urgent need for regulatory reform to harness the full benefits of Pillar Two. Moreover, Australia’s defense industry faces inherent weaknesses that necessitate significant government intervention to stimulate growth. Urgent investments in collaborative infrastructure, information technology, and cybersecurity are imperative to fortify the industry’s foundation.

Navigating the Technological Landscape

AUKUS Pillar Two prioritizes eight key technologies, ranging from undersea warfare capabilities to quantum technologies and artificial intelligence. Of particular interest is the burgeoning quantum warfare market, poised to burgeon into a multi-billion-dollar industry in the coming years. New Zealand, albeit cautiously, contemplates the benefits of joining AUKUS, recognizing the potential synergies and opportunities for collaboration with the defense industry.

Unveiling AQuA: Quantum Arrangements

Central to Pillar Two’s agenda is the AUKUS Quantum Arrangement (AQuA), aimed at harnessing the transformative potential of quantum technologies. Experimentation in quantum computing, cryptography, and intelligence gathering holds promise for revolutionizing warfare strategy. Collaboration initiatives between academia and defense giants like Boeing underscore the tangible progress in this domain, signaling the dawn of a new era in military technology.

Seeking Clarity and Alignment

Despite the momentum surrounding AUKUS Pillar Two, questions linger regarding its implications and scope. Foreign Minister Winston Peters’ pursuit of clarity echoes the sentiments of many, amidst speculation surrounding New Zealand’s potential involvement. As South Korea seeks to join the pact, the need for transparency and alignment with national interests becomes increasingly paramount.

AUKUS Pillar Two:

AUKUS Pillar Two presents a double-edged sword for the defense industry, offering unparalleled opportunities for growth while posing significant challenges. The imperative lies in leveraging international partnerships, investing in technological innovation, and fostering regulatory agility to navigate this transformative landscape successfully. As Australia and New Zealand weigh their options, strategic alignment and proactive engagement are key to realizing the full potential of AUKUS Pillar Two.

Zain Saleem
Zain Saleem
Zain Saleem is an Islamabad-based Senior Journalist

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