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Think Tank Warns of Escalating China-Taiwan Conflict Dynamics


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The ongoing tensions between China and Taiwan have intensified as China’s military conducts joint force operations near Taiwan, coinciding with Taiwan’s preparations for its annual war games. With China asserting its claim of sovereignty over Taiwan, these exercises aim to exert pressure on Taipei to accept Beijing’s stance. This article will delve into the recent military activities, analyze their significance, and shed light on the evolving dynamics between China and Taiwan.


China’s Military Exercises: A Show of Force:

China has persistently staged military exercises around Taiwan in recent years, demonstrating its military might and resolve. This week, China’s military conducted extensive drills far out at sea, involving a variety of aircraft, including fighters, bombers, drones, and warships.

Some of these aircraft crossed the unofficial buffer, the Taiwan Strait median line, and ventured near Taiwan’s contiguous zone, prompting Taiwan security officials to label the actions as “harassment.”


Strategic Importance of Long-Distance Missions:

Military analysts point out that China’s focus on long-distance missions during these exercises reflects their significance in potential conflicts. Breaking through the “first island chain,” encompassing islands from Japan to Borneo and enclosing China’s coastal seas, is considered a crucial tactical objective for China.

By practicing and refining their long-distance operations, China aims to enhance its capabilities in overcoming such barriers and projecting power in the region.


Taiwan’s Han Kuang Exercises and Psychological Warfare:

In response to China’s military drills, Taiwan is preparing for its main annual war games known as the Han Kuang exercises. These exercises, scheduled for the end of the month, will primarily focus on defending Taiwan’s international airport and ensuring open sea lanes in the face of a hypothetical Chinese blockade.

However, China’s recent activities are seen as part of a psychological warfare strategy aimed at undermining Taiwan’s confidence and highlighting the perceived futility of its national defense efforts.


China’s Warning and US Involvement:

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s recent visit to the headquarters of the Eastern Theatre Command, responsible for the area around Taiwan, has further escalated tensions. During the visit, Xi warned of a “new period of turmoil and change for the world,” amplifying concerns about China’s intentions.

Adding to the volatile situation, a U.S. Navy patrol plane recently flew through the strait, prompting Chinese jets to monitor the situation. China consistently criticizes such U.S. military activities in the region as provocations.


Taiwan’s Determination and China’s Joint Operations Training:

In response to the heightened tensions, Taiwan’s military has been actively promoting the Han Kuang exercises, showcasing their capabilities through social media platforms. The video releases depict fighter jets soaring, missiles fired from warships, and artillery barrages, accompanied by text emphasizing Taiwan’s resolve to protect its territory.

Meanwhile, analysts suggest that China’s inclusion of the Southern Theatre Command, covering the South China Sea, in these exercises signifies their intent to gain experience in joint operations across different commands.



The ongoing military exercises and posturing by China and Taiwan reflect the deepening tensions between the two entities. While China asserts its claims of sovereignty over Taiwan through military pressure, Taiwan remains determined to defend its territory.

The evolving dynamics in the region, coupled with external involvement, particularly from the United States, add further complexity to the situation. As both sides continue their military maneuvers and psychological warfare, the fragile balance in the Taiwan Strait remains a cause for concern, warranting close attention from the international community.

Saeed Minhas
Saeed Minhas
Saeed Minhas is an accomplished journalist with extensive experience in the field. He has held prominent positions such as Editor at Daily Times and Daily Duniya. Currently, he serves as the Chief Editor (National) at The Think Tank Journal

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