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Think Tank Drives Environmental Change with Football For Forests App


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Football For Forests, in collaboration with We Play Green, is revolutionizing the global football community with the launch of an innovative app that harnesses the power of the sport for a greater cause. This joint initiative, created by think tank Climate Focus and Planet League, aims to combine fun and philanthropy to facilitate large-scale forest restoration. In this article, we explore the features and mission of the Football For Forests app, which allows football fans worldwide to contribute to rainforest preservation while supporting their favorite teams.


Football For Forests: Uniting Good Deeds and Passion for Football:

The Football For Forests app, officially launched in Berlin, introduces a groundbreaking concept that merges environmental conservation with the excitement of football. By leveraging the global football community’s enthusiasm, the app empowers fans to actively participate in forest restoration efforts.


The Urgency to Protect Rainforests:

According to the Football For Forests website, an alarming area of forest equivalent to 17 football pitches is lost every minute, amounting to nearly 1,500 pitches during a single football match. Recognizing this critical issue, Football For Forests aims to reverse this destructive trend by restoring tropical forests, pitch by pitch.


How the App Works: Turning Fans into Climate Philanthropists:

Upon downloading the app, fans choose their favorite football team and pledge a cash amount for every goal scored by that team. This simple act transforms fans into climate philanthropists, with their donations directly funding forest rehabilitation projects in the Amazon region. Currently focused on Colombia, the initiative has plans to expand into Brazil in the future.


Engaging the Global Football Community:

Through the app’s Forest Restoration League, fans engage in friendly competition to restore the most forests for their respective clubs. A live leaderboard tracks the progress, allowing fans to monitor their team’s performance throughout the season. In the initial beta testing, Arsenal fans topped the leaderboard, resulting in 35,000 newly planted trees, equivalent to 25 football pitches.


Women’s World Cup Integration and Future Plans:

The upcoming full season, commencing on July 20 with the Women’s World Cup, features the addition of Women’s World Cup teams in the latest app release. This expansion grants fans the opportunity to contribute to forest restoration through national team goals in Australia and New Zealand.



Football For Forests and the F4F app provide a unique and enjoyable opportunity for football fans to actively contribute to forest restoration. By combining their passion for the sport with philanthropic efforts, fans can make a tangible impact on rainforest preservation.

With the power of the global football community, the initiative aims to counter deforestation and protect our vital ecosystems. Through tree planting initiatives, Football For Forests has already restored 30 pitches in the Colombian Amazon region, emphasizing the importance of involving local communities and raising awareness about the need to protect our forests.


Waseem Shahzad Qadri
Waseem Shahzad Qadri
Islamabad based Senior Journalist, TV Show Host, Media Trainer, can be follow on twitter @jaranwaliya

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