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WAC’s Think Tank Conference Explores Medical Liability Challenges


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The West Asia Consultancy for Medical Liability & Research (WAC), headquartered in Istanbul, is making significant strides in promoting global collaboration and awareness regarding medical liability. WAC recently unveiled its plans to organize an international conference on medical liability in Amman during the second half of 2024.


Unifying Perspectives for Patient Rights:


Nasser Abu Rumman, WAC’s president and a distinguished Jordanian lawyer, activist, and professor of law, expressed the underlying motive behind this forthcoming event. The conference aims to establish a platform that brings together diverse international perspectives on medical liability. Abu Rumman highlighted that the primary objective is to identify best practices and formulate standards that uphold patient rights, all the while acknowledging the challenges faced by medical professionals worldwide.


Abu Rumman stated, “Our objective is to bring forward best practices and establish standards that cater to patients’ rights while acknowledging the challenges faced by medical professionals,” he told Jordan News.


WAC’s Vision and Mission:


WAC’s mission, as outlined by its director, is to contribute to the enhancement of healthcare quality and medical practice across Western Asian countries by focusing on legal and medical liability. The organization endeavors to educate, train, and conduct research pertaining to various dimensions of medical liability. Their comprehensive strategy aims to raise awareness about medical responsibility and legislation, fostering a deeper understanding of this crucial aspect within the West Asian region.


Inspiration from Istanbul Expo:


Abu Rumman drew inspiration from his participation in the Expo for Medical Tourism in Istanbul, an event organized by the “Joint Cooperation Association for Turkish and Arab Countries (TÜRRAP)” with support from the Turkish Ministry of Commerce. Highlighting the significance of such expos, Abu Rumman emphasized that they bridge gaps between regional and international stakeholders. These events facilitate dialogues that are essential for strengthening cooperation and understanding between the medical and legal sectors.


Abu Rumman’s participation in the Istanbul expo underscored WAC’s commitment to fostering collaboration in this domain. He stated, “Interacting with global counterparts and discussing advancements and challenges directly provides invaluable insights that transcend regular dialogues. It’s a proactive step toward a more integrated future in medical legalities and responsibilities.”


Contributions to Medical Law:


In addition to the upcoming international conference, WAC has made notable contributions to the field of medical law. Recently, the organization published a research paper titled “The Legal Basis for Contractual Physician Liability for the Actions of Others.” Co-authored by Abu Rumman and Dr. Basil Fawzi Al-Tahat, this paper delves into the intricate realm of physician liability.


The study, featured in the Journal of Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues, concludes that physicians bear the responsibility for the actions of their assistants. The paper firmly establishes that doctors cannot evade their primary obligation of ensuring patient safety by attributing mistakes to their subordinates.


In Conclusion, WAC’s proactive efforts are set to culminate in an international conference that holds the promise of advancing global understanding and collaboration in medical liability. With the pursuit of patient rights at its core, WAC is steering the discourse on medical responsibility, fostering knowledge sharing, and aiming for a more secure and accountable future in healthcare practices.

M Moiz
M Moiz
M Moiz, is Research Student at Islamabad research Institute and work with THE THINK TANK JOURNAL

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