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Pakistani Think Tank Symposium Explores BRICS Dynamics


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The NUST Institute of Policy Studies (NIPS) recently hosted a high-level roundtable on the topic of “Expanding BRICS and the New Alignments.”

This significant gathering brought together diplomats, academics, state officials, think tank experts, scholars, and students to discuss the evolving landscape of BRICS and its implications for global geopolitics. Keynote speakers and experts shed light on the impact of BRICS expansion and the concept of “New Geoeconomics.”


BRICS: A Global Player


Dr. Asad Majeed Khan, Pakistan’s former Foreign Secretary, delivered a keynote address, emphasizing the remarkable influence of BRICS on the world stage. He highlighted that BRICS collectively represents 41% of the global population, contributes 24% to the world’s GDP, and accounts for more than 16% of world trade. Dr. Khan underscored that BRICS is not only institutionalizing its operations but also strategically expanding its external relations, solidifying its position as a prominent global player.


Challenges and Opportunities for Pakistan


Dr. Khan also pointed out that while the case for Pakistan’s closer engagement with BRICS is strong, the country may encounter unique challenges when it comes to securing membership in this influential global grouping. These challenges include aligning with the diverse interests of BRICS nations and navigating the complex geopolitical landscape.


The Emergence of “New Geoeconomics”


In the second keynote address on BRICS expansion and new alignments, Dr. Ashfaque Hasan Khan, DG NIPS, introduced the concept of “New Geoeconomics.” He argued that “New Geoeconomics” is a global response to the geopolitical transformations witnessed over the last two decades. This response revolves around emerging states’ efforts to resist traditional power politics by fostering new forms of connectivity, cooperation, trade partnerships, and financial integration.


Cooperation Over Conflict


Ambassador Alfredo Leoni of Brazil to Pakistan highlighted the dynamic nature of the world today and the emergence of new alignments in the global landscape. He stressed that BRICS nations prioritize cooperation over conflict and view collaboration as a fundamental aspect of the contemporary international community.


BRICS as a Catalyst for Economic Prosperity


The High Commissioner of South Africa to Pakistan, Mthuthuzeli Madikiza, emphasized the potential of BRICS expansion as a catalyst for achieving economic independence and prosperity among its member nations. This expansion, he noted, presents opportunities for enhanced cooperation and development.


Advocating for Inclusivity and Equality


Ambassador Jemal Beker Abdula of Ethiopia to Pakistan underscored the importance of balance in international relations based on national interests. He advocated for inclusivity, equality, and representation within the global system, reflecting the sentiments of many emerging nations striving for a fair and equitable global order.




The NIPS roundtable on “Expanding BRICS and the New Alignments” provided valuable insights into the changing dynamics of global geopolitics and the role of BRICS in shaping this evolving landscape. The discussions highlighted the significance of cooperation, economic development, and inclusivity as guiding principles for the future of international relations. As BRICS continues to expand and adapt, it remains a pivotal player on the global stage, influencing the course of global politics and economics.

Wasim Qadri
Wasim Qadri
Islamabad based Senior Journalist, TV Show Host, Media Trainer, can be follow on twitter @jaranwaliya

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