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Think tank Insights: China’s Diplomatic Strategies in 2024


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In 2024, China is poised to confront a myriad of economic, demographic, and geopolitical challenges, shaping its trajectory on the global stage.

A recent report by the New York-based Asia Society, titled “China 2024, What to Watch,” sheds light on the complexities that will test China’s resilience and its expanding role in climate leadership. This article delves into the key insights from the report, highlighting China’s economic landscape, diplomatic strategies, and environmental commitments.


Economic Landscape:


China’s economic landscape is riddled with challenges, evident from the recent liquidation of property giant Evergrande, emphasizing the nation’s ongoing economic struggles. Real estate continues to account for 23% of China’s GDP, and while the country achieved its 5% GDP target in the previous year, maintaining similar growth remains a formidable task. The report underscores the arduous journey ahead for China, especially in restoring trust and confidence, given a declining population, a strained social safety net, and evolving government policies that have unsettled investors.


Climate Leadership:


Amidst economic trials, the report highlights China’s increased focus on climate resilience and adaptation measures in 2024. Bates Gill, Executive Director of the Centre for China Analysis, notes that investing in climate initiatives aligns with Beijing’s national interests while also presenting an opportunity to enhance its international reputation, particularly in the developing world. As the global community grapples with climate change, China’s leadership in this arena is expected to shape not only its future but also the global economy.


Diplomatic Strategies:


China’s diplomatic approach is anticipated to shift towards a more accommodating stance, deviating from the confrontational Wolf Warrior diplomacy seen in recent years. The report suggests that China is likely to carefully observe events such as Taiwan’s presidential election and the U.S. presidential election, calibrating its policies accordingly. The freeze on political ties with Taiwan and increased military pressure on the island are expected to persist, while China strategically prepares for potential shifts in U.S. political leadership.


Global Outreach:


Strained relations with Europe, heightened by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, have prompted China to pivot towards the Global South. Analysts predict a renewed focus on securing raw materials, developing new markets, and strengthening diplomatic, security, and economic influence, particularly in the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia. China’s promotion of Global Development, Global Security, and Global Civilization initiatives is expected to take center stage at the UN, showcasing its commitment to building ties with developing nations.




As China navigates the complexities of 2024, the report paints a nuanced picture of a nation grappling with economic uncertainties, diplomatic intricacies, and a heightened role in global climate leadership. The delicate balance between national security and economic growth, coupled with ongoing governance challenges, sets the stage for a year where China’s actions will reverberate not only within its borders but across the interconnected web of global affairs.

Abu Bakr Alvi
Abu Bakr Alvi
Mr. Abu Bakr Alvi, Senior Journalist Based in Faisalabad

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