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The Toll of Unrelenting Cricket Schedules on Pakistani Cricketers


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The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has recently implemented changes within the national team lineup ahead of the T20 World Cup, yet the players’ grueling schedule remains a cause for concern. The relentless cricketing calendar, characterized by back-to-back series in various formats, is taking its toll on the physical and mental well-being of Pakistani cricketers. we delve into the detrimental effects of the demanding cricket schedule orchestrated by the PCB, shedding light on how it turns cricketers into workaholics.

The Strain of County Cricket:

Recent research conducted by the Professional Cricketers Association (PCA) has unveiled the strain experienced by Pakistani cricketers due to the demanding county cricket schedule. With matches spanning from April to September, players are subjected to a rigorous routine, playing a multitude of Championship matches, T20 Blast fixtures, and One-Day Cup games. The PCA’s findings reveal a staggering 81% of players expressing concerns about the physical toll imposed by the relentless schedule, with safety and mental well-being also emerging as significant worries.

Impact on World Cup Preparation:

The relentless schedule not only affects the players’ physical health but also impedes their ability to prepare adequately for major tournaments like the T20 World Cup. With a jam-packed schedule leaving little room for rest and recuperation, Pakistani cricketers find themselves struggling to focus on honing their skills and techniques. Instead of dedicated training sessions, players are forced to navigate through a barrage of matches, leaving them fatigued and unable to refine their game adequately.

The Curious Case of Virtual Coaching:

In a peculiar turn of events, the appointment of Gary Kirsten as the white-ball head coach for the Pakistan national team has raised eyebrows, particularly regarding his remote coaching approach. Amidst his commitments with an Indian Premier League (IPL) franchise, Kirsten’s initial interactions with the Pakistani players occurred through video conferencing, sparking a wave of skepticism and ridicule among fans. The notion of receiving coaching instructions through a laptop screen seemed incredulous to many, prompting comparisons to the infamous tenure of a previous coach who resorted to online coaching, much to the detriment of Pakistani cricket.

PCB’s relentless scheduling:

The PCB’s relentless scheduling and unconventional coaching methods are shaping Pakistani cricketers into unwitting workaholics, straining their physical and mental well-being while hindering their preparation for crucial tournaments. As the cricketing landscape evolves, it becomes imperative for cricket boards to prioritize player welfare and adopt more balanced schedules and effective coaching methodologies. Only then can the true potential of Pakistani cricketers be unleashed on the international stage, free from the burdens of an unsustainable cricketing calendar.

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