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In-Depth Analysis: Think Tank Explores Ukraine’s Counteroffensive Operation against Russian Forces


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Ukraine’s ongoing counteroffensive against Russian forces has garnered international attention and raised concerns about the escalating conflict. While Moscow is deploying significant resources to halt Ukraine’s advance, Ukrainian officials remain steadfast in their determination to reclaim occupied territories.

This article provides an overview of the current situation, including the difficulties faced by Ukrainian forces, small victories achieved, and the strategic perspective from experts at a Washington DC-based think tank.

The military operation encompasses multiple objectives, but the battle remains arduous as Russia fiercely defends its positions.

Ukraine’s Counteroffensive and Challenges:

Ukraine initiated its long-anticipated counteroffensive to retake Russian-occupied lands two weeks ago. Although the progress has been slow and met with stiff resistance, Ukrainian Deputy Defence Minister Hanna Maliar affirms that the most significant blow is yet to come.

The military operation encompasses multiple objectives, but the battle remains arduous as Russia fiercely defends its positions.

NATO Air Exercise in Germany Sends Strong Message, Say Think Tank

Small Victories and Strategic Evaluation:


Despite differing claims by Russian officials, Ukrainian forces have reported modest gains, liberating eight villages and reclaiming approximately 113 square kilometers (70 square miles) of territory.

Ukrainian military authorities have refrained from disclosing detailed information about the campaign, maintaining a strict silence.

However, according to the Institute for the Study of War (ISW), Ukrainian forces might be pausing the counteroffensive temporarily to reassess tactics for future operations. ISW emphasizes that the main counteroffensive has yet to be launched.


Ukraine’s President’s Perspective:

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy acknowledges the intense pressure faced by Ukrainian forces but emphasizes their unwavering focus on Russian forces. He asserts that Ukrainian warriors are both advancing and defending positions against occupiers’ assaults.

Zelenskyy highlights the importance of maintaining resilience and claims that Ukraine has not lost any positions but instead liberated territories, while the losses are on the Russian side.


Strategic Maneuvers and NATO Observations:

Intelligence officials from NATO member states reveal that Russia is redeploying its forces, attempting to anticipate Ukraine’s next moves.

Reports indicate that Russian forces are being relocated eastward along the front line, particularly from areas south of the Dnipro River, affected by the destruction of the Kakhovka hydroelectric dam. This maneuver reflects Russia’s efforts to predict Ukraine’s offensive strategies and adapt its defenses accordingly.


Ukrainian Military’s Assessment:

The Ukrainian military maintains that its counteroffensive is progressing as planned, although acknowledging the challenging situation on the front line.

Ukrainian Commander-in-Chief Valerii Zaluzhnyi highlights the hindrances posed by fortifications, dense minefields, and a significant number of reserves.

However, he reassures that the operation will adhere to the predetermined schedule, conveying resilience and determination.



Ukraine’s counteroffensive against Russian forces represents a critical chapter in the ongoing conflict. While facing substantial challenges, Ukraine has achieved modest victories and remains focused on reclaiming its occupied territories.

The evaluation by experts at the Washington DC-based think tank underscores that the main counteroffensive is yet to be launched, suggesting that Ukraine’s strategy will continue to evolve. As the situation unfolds, the international community watches closely, hoping for a resolution that ensures peace and stability in the region.


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